Frank should be on the island

I have posted this theory on another site and thought that i would do so here to see if some new help could figure this out.
Frank was the original pilot on flight 815 and for some reason he never got to pilot that flight.
MEANING he would have been the pilot on the day of the crash, now think back to the episode where big ol’ smoky was at the cockpit of flight 815 and killed the pilot was this
a) he just thought the pilot was evil or not good for the island and killed him.
b) ol’ smoky got the the cockpit and was looking for Frank and when he wasn’t there took a kind
of temper tantrum and killed the pilot that was there instead.

Now the reason i think he was piloting flight 316 to Guam is that he has to return to the island as the island needs him and i think this is why locke was sent on his mission to bring the o6 back to the island and it was also to make sure that they got on the flight with frank piloting.

now think about this
I dont know about you but if i knew that if i was going to be crash landing on an island that doesnt always look that friendly, cant be found and has powers beyond the imaginable i would be saying a lot more than “we’re not going to guam, are we?”
to me he was a bit layed back at the full situation.

I also think that frank is the one the island wants not locke I think he was the one to bring Frank back but that was about it.
Please add to this and help me figure this out thanks

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9 thoughts on “Frank should be on the island

  1. Yes, Frank is suppose to be on the island. Remember when he came with the 3 from the ship (Miles, Charlotte, Daniel), Ben said they weren’t like the others on the boat, they were good people. So the island does have a plan for Frank, but to be next leader? My money would be on Jack, should Locke step down (or die again).

  2. Agreed, except on ur smokey assessment. No temper tantrum, just a realization that the wrong person was piloting. Since the island doesn’t need the pilot/he might interfere with whatever the island wanted…smokey killed him.

    also frank seemed laid back all the time. and he did seem surprised looking at all the oceanic 5 on the plane. thought for a second, and went on in character.

    i dunno if the island didn’t want locke, but it did want lapidus. i like frank

  3. Oh yes this is lovely work. I like it a lot!
    Frank is definitely meant to be on the island and it will be interesting to see why. I suppose he could just be the means to an end but I think its interesting that when we first meet him he’s kind of a mess and now post-island, he seems to be more together.

  4. I think he is meant to be on the island but I don’t think he is meant to do anything. I just see the producers tying up loose ends. Unless he is meant for something in which case forget the first part of this comment.

  5. laurab3262, while I can’t get on board with your thoughts about Frank being more important than John Locke, you have some good thoughts here.

    If memory serves me, Frank didn’t make #815 that fateful day, because he was nursing a hangover. Consequently, ‘the island’ is bringing him back.

    Although Frank didn’t seem too surprised, I put that down to his ‘cool’ character and demeanor. He seems pretty unflappable.

  6. I think Frank is supposed to be on the island and that he does have a role to play in the future… Maybe something to do with that runway…..

    I seriously doubt he’s as important as John Locke.

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