Need Some Clarification…

I’m leaning towards the idea that there has to be a time loop going on in Lost for sure. At some point

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2 thoughts on “Need Some Clarification…

  1. I 100% absolutely agree with you. I tried to ask this question on another site and was chased away with flaming torches and pitch forks. How can there be someone/futureself from the future come and interact in someway without to change things if it hasn’t got that far in time yet? This has to be the first time around.

    Could this be the bad things that happen? ie a paradox is put in place, this being the first time around and the only chance they have of making things run smoothly? Mrs Hawking did say they have to re-create the events of 815 as closely as possible…..

  2. It certainly seems to me anyways that things are heading in that direction Bigdaveg.

    Also isn’t a time loop almost implied when you enter time travel into the equation?

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