The Island restrictions

Just rewatched episode 6 season 5. At the beginning where Ms Hawkins is talking the our losties we get to see the map of the world on the floor with various markings on it from the pendulum. If you look closely and/or pause when the map is shown at its biggest, you will notice that there is a marking (star shape) which looks to be over mainland America. I have read a few theories on here and other sites which mention the special places on the planet. Someone did post a picture of those places recently but i havent the time to go look for it. Well the location of that star doesn’t look that far off the pictures location of these special places.

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13 thoughts on “The Island restrictions

  1. THIS is a great question, Ive been wondering this since season 3. I for one, cant believe there is not more chatter about it. I always wondered if it explained the stautue, or things like that, that are not made for transportation like a plane/boat/submarine.
    I know these things could have been brought or built there, but what if they were pickedup and taken just as Black Rock is thought to have been caught under the island when it appeared, hence it being in the middle.
    This leads to a much bigger question, if it could fall/appear/whatever, on main land….could it have originated from mainland as well?
    Could it have been a holy land of some sort?
    Beginning of time, Garden of Eden, a real life interpretation?
    Could it explain Richard being unable to age in some way? The smoke monsters? Polar bears? Why the research station that picked up the blip of the island when Des turned the key, is located in Antartica? A Watchman style habitat of some sort, mobile, protective bubble, but flawed non the less.
    Lots of questions could come if the answer is yes, Great question!

  2. bigdaveg, this is a great question! It’s definitely something I’ve pondered.

    Given the nature of that the planet was much different in ancient times, and rumoured to have been seperated by water, during some cataclysmic event, this could be true.

    It could also account for how the ancient civilization initially inhabited it.

    AES, makes great points!

  3. Jesus AES chill, you asked more questions than i was expecting haha

    If you want my personal opinion of what the island is, its this:

    I believe that universe is full of equals and opposites and that there is a balance. eg light – dark, up – down etc i aslo believe there is a sort of equation that the universe works to and i believe that the island is the balance. If its shifted 1 way or the other it upsets the equation and ‘bad things’ happen. Seen as though it exists either side of the equation it has both propeties it has both the power to heal and to kill, smoke monster? ive had this thought for a while and not sure how the die hards will take it, but hey its my thoughts so….. unlucky haha

  4. What you guys forget is even if the island “landed” in the middle of New York City, New Yorkers would not be able to see the island, and people on the island would not be able to see New York.

    There is a radius around the island, thus all the people on the island would see is water around them. And there is a certain berring you need to pass through to get to the island, so technically people could walk to the direct bearing, but they would end up in water, and seeing as people walking in the middle of New York aren’t really expecting a swim, they would not make it to the island, seeing as how long it took a helicopter to get to the freighter.

    Thus the island is a tiny like atom, whereever it appears. It could be in your room right now somewhere. **proceeds to walk around room in hopes of getting to the island** Damnit. Anyway, it doesn’t matter where the island lands, because it is it’s own tiny flap to an alternate “world” or sorts.

    You could say that hundreds of people would walk through the berring then, but NYC is such a small place compared to the entire world, and we know that about 75% of the world is covered in water. So first the island would have to get that 1/4 chance of landing on land. I’d like to think that 15% of land is not occupied by humans, so it has to beat that chance too, then the island would have to land in a place where a lot of people live, and the berring would have to be in a place where people travel through. With the 7 to 11 (guess) travels we see the island make, I doubt any made it to a place where people would travel through the berring.

    Hope this answers your questions.

  5. lol cappayne! I enjoyed that little rant!

    You do make excellent points, however.

    It is a great question, one which we don’t have the answer to, but in terms of ‘the island’s’ origins, it may have been part of a larger land mass at one time, that was seperated.

    We don’t know enough about those origins, so it makes for a valid question.

    One, which I don’t have the answer to.

  6. What i was trying to say is that if it did land in the middle of New York it would take up a hell of alot of room thus squashing whatever was underneath it, i think this is what Ben was saying when he said in the Orchid that it was highly dangerous and unpredictable.

    When we saw the Island being moved in Se4 and the view from the helicopter we saw a visble radius ring from which the Island moved from, so it does have the same mass and isn’t the size of an atom. I do however understand what ure saying and yes the chances i suppose are pretty remote of someone walking throught the correct bearing. Although maybe the Island is confined to being placed in water and that is why it’s surrounded by water. If it originiated from land then it wouldn’t move with water, if that makes sense. Think ive just defined an island the long way around 🙂

  7. But if the island is in the middle of the ocean and no one sees it, planes, or whatever, then one would have to assume that if it was in the middle of New York City, no one would see it either. I like to think that planes do in fact fly over the island in seasons 1-4, but they couldn’t see the island nor could the island see them, because they were in the wrong spot.

  8. yeah don’t get me wrong i agree that planes, ships, subs etc have been within the vicinty of the island and not known it was there. Mrs Hawkins confirms this by saying the window isn’t open for very long to enter the island.

    My point was if i dropped, for example here, the island of hawaii (with all the same mysteries of our Island) that its mass would take up a huge space in New York irrelevant if it can be seen or not. The mass doesn’t change so there for half of New York would be flattened. Is this the unpredictable and dangerous things that could happen when the island is moved?

  9. yes, that’s also the unexpected danger. but for “where” it might not be becuase they might land on Land, it might be just because no one knows where it is.

  10. I looked at the screencaps and all the marks look to be in the water. I don’t see any on land.

    I don’t think we will know whether the island can appear on land until we know what it is.

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