Why did Sun not flash with Jack, Kate & Hurley?

This is not a theory, I was wondering if anyone had a theory on why this happened?

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2 thoughts on “Why did Sun not flash with Jack, Kate & Hurley?

  1. I was actually wondering if a) it has to do with the fact she was pregnant when she left, or b) has to do with seating on the plane. The only people we know for sure flashed, was Hurley, Jack, and Kate. So out of 5/6 of the O6 that returned, 1/5 went somewhere else for sure, that being Sun. The other 1/5 is MIA, that being Sayid.
    I swear Im not trying to seem intelligent by using fractions, I just try not to confuse MYSELF, when I post sometimes.
    Ok, I actually say it this way for one reason, my sanity. I figure, there is no way to know why Sun didnt flash, until we know where Sayid went. If he flashed, maybe its because the baby didnt return, so she was not

  2. Am I reading this wrong?

    Locke is told by Ilana that the pilot (assuming it is Lapidus) took one of the dugout canoes and left in the middle of the night with one of the female passengers or with a woman (I am not sure which. First, it is not clear that the woman is Sun. Second it is not clear that Sun (if it is she) crashed with the plane or flashed off and then found the fusselage of 316 and then left with Lapidus. Interestingly, they took the passenger manifest with them…

    To be continued…

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