Flight 316 & The Fork In the Space Time Continuum

So Our New Friend Ceaser is sitting in his comfy 1st class seat, Then the plane starts to shake, and this ” Big guy with curly hair” Tells him to close his eyes. After a blinding flash of light, The ” Big guy with curly hair” Vanishes. Along with a few other members of the 1st class section. Where did they go. I believe they went back in time.

I Believe that when the flash happened Hurley, Jack, and Kate ( Mabye Sayid ) Jumped back in time to the 70’s. Dharma Era. The rest of the plane ( Including Ben, Locke, Sun, and Lupidus) crashed in the present. ( Well ” Island Present” which is a totally different thing )

The Present Day People ( Ben, Locke, Ceaser ) Find a Abandoned Dharma station. They quickly set out to finding shotguns, and mangoes.

The 70’s Folk ( Jack Huley Kate ) quickly run into Jin. He gives them a brief summary to what has been happening over the last 3 months. And he gets them some nice new Dharma suits so they fit in!

Back to the Present People. Lupidus and Sun take one of the ” Other” ‘s Boats, that was left there from when the other’s lived on the Small Island. Frank, and Sun Travel over to the main Island. They arrive at their old camp, ( Good as new! It has only been a few months!) Sun immediately starts to search through everyone’s things, ( looking for something?? )

On the Small Island!! Locke wakes up from his Death, Eats a Mango, makes friends with Ceaser, and finds Ben. When Ben wakes up, they have a Heart to Heart! ( Touching, But They Have Work To Do ) Locke, Ben, and Ceaser take the Second boat and set sail to the old camp ( Feeling Nostalgic?? ). When they arrive their they find the camp turned upside down from Sun’s frantic searching. Ben and Locke run on into the woods in search of Sun.

Now This time is also the same as when Faraday, Sawyer, Charlotte, Miles, Past Locke, and Juliet came marching back from the Hatch, early in the season. They are still traveling through time. And Faraday has just talked to Desmond. They arrive back and see that their camp has returned, and they have a nice set of boats as well. ( With a handy Aija Airways Water bottle ). They get in their boat and sail off into the sea.

Meanwhile, Locke’s crew meets up With Sun’s and they decide to return to the beach. They get back and see their boat missing, and someone paddling away in the distance. They get in their boat and go after them, They are assuming it is Present Day Sawyer and Company. But Ceaser, no knowing the situation, wips out his newly acquired shotgun, and dying to try it out, Takes a few shots at the boat. He gets a little return fire, and takes a hit to the chest. Goodbye Ceaser.
Then the boat ahead of them vanishes, leaving everyone, but Locke , baffled.

That is my theory on how the next events will play out. I didn’t explain much, but that is because i don’t have an explanation for it. Please leave your comments, and feedback bellow.

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7 thoughts on “Flight 316 & The Fork In the Space Time Continuum

  1. 1. Why would Ceasar shoot a shotgun 100 yards away, especially when he’s at the back of the other boat (the person at the back gets shot, and you say Ceasar gets shot) meaning people right in front of him.

    2. Just a correction, Hurley told Ceasar to “put on his seatbelt” not “close his eyes”

    3. If Locke makes friends with Ceasar then who do you suspect are the people trying to kill him?

    4. On a side note, why wouldn’t Sawyer and co. – discovering boats that weren’t there before – take one and sabatoge the other one so they couldn’t be followed. Bad thinking on their part.

    Otherwise I like this event list, hopefully next episode plays something like this out.

  2. great follow-up cappayne. Walt tells John that people were trying to harm him on the Island, so if I was to make a connection those people are the ones that shot at John in the raft.

  3. How direct do you have to be? Nobody was touching it during one of the early time flashes and yet it did not disapear… Juliet speculated that it was because it time flashed with them the first time.

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