Are Ben & Widmore the same person?

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4 thoughts on “Are Ben & Widmore the same person?

  1. For the fingerprint thing, Ben has overcome greater issues.

    As for not being able to kill each other, I’d like to think that has to do with the rules of the island.

    Them seeing each other when they are the same person has some effect that I don’t know the name of.

    I can say with 89% surety that they are not the same person. They have similar interests, but they operate way differently.

    Why would Ben kill Widmore’s associate(s) if they are the same person. Why would Ben kill Bentham if Widmore was protecting him?

    Too far fetched for me.

  2. Are you suggesting that Ben becomes British in his old age?

    Hmmm…I can’t really accept that. Nor can I deal with Ben killing Widmore’s daughter as revenge if it is actually *his* daughter.

  3. Sorry I need to rephrase my question….

    I was thinking that maybe they could be alternate outcomes for the ‘same person’….Almost like separated twins….

    One goes on to be powerful and successful (CW) and the other (Ben) is left behind feeling resentment and hatred for the other….

    So they are in fact different ‘people’ in so much as they co-exist at the same time….But their origin is the same yet ‘split’ either in time or in dimension, by the island?

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