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It has been a while since we’ve seen Walt’s dog, Vincent. So it got me thinking, does the dog have a connection to Jacob? There was a painting of a golden retriever in Jacob’s cabin. Possibly this was a clue that the spirit of Jacob travels around the island in the body of Vincent…to be around man…in diguise as ‘man’s best friend? haha. I could be reaching out pretty far with this idea because I’m a sucker for dogs.

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I have been a fan of J.J. Abrams work since ALIAS (not the last 2 seasons of it though). So it was no surprise that I got hooked on LOST the moment it hit television. Favorite characters: Hurley, Desmond, and Sawyer.

6 thoughts on “Vincent the Dog

  1. You might not be reaching That far. In a deleted scene from the First episode, it shows Christian Shepherd Instructing Vincint to go wake Jack after the crash. ( This was originally going to be the first scene of the show ) Christian said to Vincint ” Go on wake Jack, He has work to do”

    I have always felt that Vincent was more than just a dog. But it could just be Lost making me paranoid.

  2. Vincent was present when the flashes started. One of the castaways on the beach had him on a leash just before the flaming arrow attack. Later Sawyer finds his leash on the beach near the old camp, indicating that someone doubled back with it after releasing him, or brought him back to the beach after escaping Richard’s fake soldiers and possibly after the next flash.

    The mutt has a way of showing up (like a bad penny). Funny that Walt never asked Locke about Vincent. Just a ‘and by the way, did my dog make it? ‘ or ‘Is Shannon still taking good care of my dog?’ would have been nice (for consistency’s sake)

  3. I would normally consider this a non-starter theory…but I just remembered something. Carlton and Damon said that Jacob is someone that “We have seen but have never heard speak”…most people have tried to disect the crash victims on the beach in the pilot eps to find someone that fits the bill, but Vincent would fit that description perfectly.

  4. I am so glad you brought up Vincent, eggotised1. I do happen to think Vincent has a connection to Jacob.

    I am certain Jacob utilizes Vincent, somehow. Perhaps Jacob may have used Vincent on rare occasion, to make the odd appearance!

  5. I wrote a theory that Vincent is Jacob a while ago, and I still think that Jacob travels in Vincent since Jacob being stuck in time makes him have no permanat figure.

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