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3 thoughts on “Dharma initiative planned the plane crash…

  1. Foolishgoiter, you could be right about Dharma being involved with getting the passengers aboard #815.

    We know Abbadon was working for Widmore, and he helped get some of the passengers on board. But, who is Widmore representing?

    Seeing how Ben betrayed Widmore, did Widmore switch alliances?

    The other thing, is Christian Shephard. We can also attribute him to getting a few people on board #815 as well. So, who is he/was he working for?

    I think it involves more than one party being involved.

  2. If by DHARMA, you mean others….sure…but Dharma was wiped out (or eventually won the war) in 1992…so…I’m guessing it would be more like the OTHERS planned the crash (the hawking, widmore, off island others that took over the dharma station)

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