How to fertilize a time loop

This is a theory I’m putting together behind the pregnancy issue with mathematical evidence as proof to explain certain aspects of the theory – with all your help we can fill in the gaps and close this out for all eternity. This theory revolves around a particular space/time concept know as the time loop. I will not get into this in detail because it should make sense just by describing it.

The pregnancy issue as described from Lostpedia –

– There appears to be some evidence that women on the Island suffer from a form of degeneration of their reproductive organs

Time period where there was no issue:
– At one point in time babies conceived on the Island were able to be born on the Island with out risk to mother and child (Amy)

Time period when there was a pregnancy issue:
– Babies conceived off the Island can be delivered successfully on the Island (Claire)
– Babies conceived on the Island can be delivered off the Island – (Sun)
– Babies conceived on Island can not be delivered successfully on the Island resulting in mother and babies death (Sabine)

The idea of the theory goes back to an episode called “Not in Portland” where Richard visits Juliet to convince her to join their team to continue her studies. A brief description of their encounter from Lostpedia is below:

“Juliet attends her meeting with Richard Alpert from Mittelos Bioscience, who is presenting a slide show about their facilities in Portland, Oregon, in the hope of recruiting her as a head of department. His pitch of independent funding and research freedom intrigues Juliet, who asks why they are interested in her. Alpert talks about Juliet’s research, specifically the fact that she managed to impregnate a male field mouse; he is clearly impressed with her work. He asks her to examine a slide of a womb CT sequence. Juliet assesses that it is a human womb, and judging by the scan, most likely of a barren patient in her 70s. However, she is told that the woman is in fact just 26 years old, and that she could find out more if she worked with them. .”


The pregnancy issue is a result of an artificial time loop that has been ongoing (until Desmond turned the fail safe key) on the Island for a number of years and started sometime by Dharma after the incident. The time loop gets reset every 108 minutes when a button is pushed in the Swan. After the purge, the time loop continued as the others and Ben were not aware of the Swan station and the fact that the button was being pushed by Desmond.

The womb of the woman shown to Juliet in the episode mentioned above is from a 26 year old, however, due to the time loop that gets reset every 108 minutes, the ladies womb would appear to be in her 70’s as Juliet mentions. How is this so? Why does it appear as a 70 year old womb? On the Island during the time loop, technically, everyone goes back in time every 108 minutes to the point where the loop started. Since the womb was fertilized during the time loop it is susceptible to aging at the same rate as if the loop did not exist. Complications would occur as the womb ages causing both mother and baby to die before full term is reached.

This will only affect babies that are conceived on the Island and born on the Island. If the baby was conceived off the Island, the womb is not constrained by the time loop aging issue and is allowed to age normally. If the baby is conceived on the Island and the mother can get off the Island before the womb ages to much, she will also be okay as the womb will stop aging at an accelerated rate and age normally.

The calculation below demonstrates why the womb appears to be older.

Variables used for the calculation
– A normal duration of a pregnancy – 38 weeks (after fertilization)
– Number of minutes before time loop resets – 108 (when the button gets pushed)

If we take the duration of pregnancy and calculate the total minutes we get –

38 weeks = 266 days = 6384 hours = 383040 minutes

However on the Island, during the time loop, we will need to multiply every minute by the 108 minute time loop reset which causes every minute to actually be 108 minutes in duration.

383040 * 108 => 41,368,320 total minutes

So in actuality the full pregnancy for a baby conceived on the Island during the loop would yield – 41,368,320 minutes = 689472 hours = 28728 days = 78.7 years

I know this is a huge leap, but I’ll post it anyway. Dissect away!!!

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21 thoughts on “How to fertilize a time loop

  1. Hi username! You certainly did your homework on this theory! And, it paid off!

    Many theorists before you have attempted to explain the pregnancy issues, by way of the ‘time loop’ and have missed the mark.

    You, however, have made it possible for the worst skeptic, to see how this is entirely plausible.

    If, this in fact is the answer we have all been searching for, I applaud you! There is nothing I could argue with in this theory.

    I have one question, which is a side note, not relating to the pregnancies. I am really interested to know your thoughts on why an artificial ‘time loop’ was initiated in the first place.

    I think I may know the answer, but would love to hear your thoughts on this. Nor tush on answering that. Entertain other members thoughts on your theory first!

    Love, your theory! Just a fantastic piece of work!

  2. That is what I was trying to convey awhile back, but you did it much more elegantly and precisely. You have re-convinced me! 🙂 Excellent post!!

  3. It’s very interesting and I have to say, good work… however (and I’m sure a couple people expected to hear that from me)…

    Why is it only the womb that ages faster? What exactly makes the rest of the body immune from the effects of the time loop?

  4. My assumption is that since the fetus was not born prior to the time loop and was not present at the start of the time loop, it would not be bound by the time travel itself.

    What theory would you suggest to help this along?

  5. username, I share your thoughts on they were trying to buy time!

    Kelvin arrived sometime after the Gulf War, 1991. Radzinsky was there before Kelvin, but how long is unknown. Interestingly, both men were supposedly with Dharma.

    So, the plot thickens!

  6. My theory would be that time problems (travel, displacement, whatever) don’t cause the pregnancy issues. I don’t know what it is but I’m pretty sure it’s not time.

    The two time related theories I can recall are this one and one about course correction (the babies aren’t supposed to be born so this issue with pregnancy happens). The problem I have with this one is that there is no reason for the womb to age rapidly and not the mother… or every living thing on the island for that matter. If this is true than everyone on the island should die of old age in their late 20s or early 30s.

    The course correction theory would just be over complicated. If the universe has an intelligence and it’s sophisticated enough to do course correction then why doesn’t it just prevent fertilization of the egg? And it seems to me that killing the baby might make sense for course correction, but not the mother. Unless you can say that in each instance both the child isn’t supposed to be born and the mother isn’t supposed to be alive are both true statements. Otherwise, killing the mother along with the child will cause more problems requiring more course correction.

    The two pieces of information we’re missing here are when the problems started and who exactly it affects. We know it doesn’t affect the DHARMA people… yet. It could be that there’s something on the island that they just haven’t been exposed to enough yet.

    It could also be that it only affects the Others. I think they might be dead and resurected by the island and that’s why they can’t have kids. I think their leader though isn’t dead but chosen by the Others from the living. Ben doesn’t know that they’re dead.

    I know that’s a flimsy theory but oh well…

  7. This is just a long shot (and also in fear of sounding stupid!). But maybe the island is not supposed to have more babies born on it – and the unsuccessful pregnancies are a result of course correcting. Why take the mother too? Maybe so she wont try again? I can’t explain the ageing womb though.

    But good theory overall – I enjoyed reading it very much. Thanks!

  8. thanks carolyndee,

    my goal was to try to explain the problem as best I could with some form of scientific proof behind it. i do realize there are unanswered questions, but it is a TV show after all 🙂

  9. highbrow, the one thing we have to keep in mind is, Ben & Richard brought Juliette to ‘the island’ in an attempt to rectify this problem.

    She is a ‘fertility’ specialist! The men and women on ‘the island’ do not have a problem conceiving a child, (takes 2 to tango), there is a problem with women, being able to carry them to full term, without both mother and child dying!

    This suggests something is out of balance. Physiologically speaking, that narrows the ‘playing field’, as to what this problem might be.

    Barring, no other explanation, such as exposure to high levels radioactive material, this is one logical conclusion to draw upon.

  10. If the time on the island goes back in time 108 minutes every 108 minutes, then why does it get dark out? Why does it rain sometimes? Wouldn’t time stand still (love Rush) in essence, and only the same 108 minutes play out over and over? According to this theory, the weather should never change and it should not rain, unless it rains every 108 minutes.

    Unless I’m missing something?

  11. There could be a problem with the men (or rather, the genetic material they supply) the causes the child to develop incorrectly in a way that kills the mother.

    I don’t remember them saying when they showed Juliet the x-ray of the womb that “this is the womb of a 26-year-old who has never been preggers and is not currently dead”. Do the women have 75-year-old wombs all the time or just after they get knocked up?

  12. I just recalled one other reason the wombs of the women, may be rejecting the fetuses.

    If ‘the others’ were somehow genetically altered or manipulated, it may present a contradiction of sorts. Therefore, it would be a natural response for the body to reject what shouldn’t be physiologically possible in the first place.

    Just another consideration, in view of some of the recent posts and thoughts.

  13. The only thing I feel resonably sure about concerning the pregnancy problems is that it’s not related to a time discrepancy or course correction.

  14. AES, that is exactly how I feel. And I want to say that Christian (along with another force that may be right in front of us) had to bring many people to the island (much like Locke did). Makes me want to watch the early episodes again for footage of the 815 plane right before the crash and see if there is anything interesting about the losties (like Hurley with the guitar on the 316 plane)

    I say this as Christian had either a direct or indirect impact of bring several losties to the island: Jack, Claire, Sawyer, Anna Lucia, and of course himelf (possibly amongst others)

    But if I’m wrong then I think the next episodes could show us what some of the losties did in the “past” to make them have work to do. Maybe everyone who is already dead by this time were not important to the island as they were not present in the island’s past.

  15. as a non-believer in the ‘time loop’ theory, i have some questions… If time is being reset every 108 minutes, do the people on the island forget everything they did in that 108 minutes or no? and why would the womb be the only thing that ages in that way? but more importantly, why would Ben be unaware of Desmond pushing the button in the hatch? You’d think that if someone was given the job of pushing a button, that resets time, that is so important that you can’t stop pressing it even though it means you can’t have babies on the island, you’d think Ben would know about this person, and would be monitoring them like a hawk.

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