A funny feeling

I am a little sad to know that there is only one more season of Lost. This season has been great and they given us some “answers” but also brought up a lot of new questions and there are still so many more unanswered questions. I think Lost is a victim of it’s own success. I really think that they were just writing and writing without a clear purpose becuase they thought they either had more time or thought that nobody would watch and it would be cancelled. I have seen terrific shows get cancelled after three or four episodes. Now that they have this deadline they aren’t sure how to put it all together.

The main writers are notorious liars, ok, a little harsh, they are prime misdirectors, semantics is literally the name of the game. Time travel is such an easy way out. I really was hoping for more. JJ has a history of making great shows for two or three seasons and then things get super strange ala Alias and end up making no sense and pissing you off.

I am just trying to prepare everyone for the possibility that we as viewers might be in for a bs ending. I really hope I am wrong. But I have a funny feeling.

I know the last episode won’t be a repeat of the first one. The writers read all the forums

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I am an disgruntled fan of Lost. I love to hate it and hate it to love it. JJ is notorious for letting down fans but I don't hold it against Lost. I have a crazy theory that has been brewing for the last year now and I will be posting it shortly. Forgive my tirades and bitter comments. I get on edge when I can't get my Lost fix.

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  1. I think after Season 3 the writers were given an exact amount of episodes to complete the story spanning over 3 seasons of so many episodes.

    I think from season 4 they knew exactly what they wanted to do and how to plan it out. Unfortunately, the Writers Strike caused us to lose a couple of episodes of Season 4 – but there’s been an added episode to each of Season 5 and Season 6 to compensate. Therefore, getting the full amount of episodes they were given to complete the story.

    I think they will give us a fantastic and satisfactory ending. Maybe a few questions will get unanswered but the ones that matter will.

  2. I think that your first sentence hit’s the mark for me I keep thinking they don’t have enough time to explain it all, But hey take a deep breath because they do. We got a whole year to go and I imagine (like the rest of us) off weeks like this bring out the not so best in us regarding this Lost event of ours.

    Hang in there this show is gonna get real good real soon. I’ve been watching the show from the beginning via and am into the fourth season and from time,time there is a low and then they take it to a whole nother gear. GET READY.

  3. Coca you bring up some valid points.

    Few shows are given the chance to have a finale. Of those lucky ones even fewer give you a complete feeling of satisfaction in the last episode. I always feel like the ending is forced.

    The writers have to take it somewhere and they cannot please everyone. A lot of the questions about Lost are in the details and will remain un-answered. No doubt about it.

    I did not follow Alias so I will trust what you say about the finale. J.J. Abrams is no longer around much to contribute to Lost so I guess the question is what have Cuse and Lindeloff done in the past?

    So far Lost has shown class and impeccable taste all along, so I will have to trust that they will bring about a cathartic and satisfying end.

    24 episodes left! It doesn’t seem like much.

    I console myself in the idea that they somehow pack a lot of information in very little screen time.

  4. The big difference between Lost and most other shows is that they have known from the beginning how long the run would be. Some people think they’re making it up as they go along but if that were the case the whole thing would have completely fallen apart back in season three. I believe it was planned from the beginning with only minor changes made along the way to compensate for things that happened outside the writers control.

  5. The cool thing about having only about one and a half seasons left with so many still unanswered questions is that the reveals should start coming one after another…

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