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I took note during season 4 that Charlotte was clearly stated to have been born late in 1979, yet early in season 5, we see Daniel Faraday looking at a small red headed girl running by. Per other questions here, it seems to be universally accepted that Faraday, Burke and Sawyer make their last jump to 1974. How can Charlotte be at least 2-4 years of age in 1974 and simultaneously not be born until 1979? Did the writers make a mistake regarding Charlotte’s age, are we making assumptions about the year that the three “landed” with Dharma, or am I making the assumption that the young Charlotte is indeed Charlotte at all?

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  1. In Confirmed Dead Ben said

    “Her name is Charlotte Lewis! Charlotte Staples Lewis. Born July second, nineteen seventy-nine, Essex, England. Parents David and Jeanette. Eldest of three, all girls. She was raised in Bromsgrove. Did her undergraduate studies at Kent. Took her PhD in Cultural Anthropology at Oxford. She’s here with two other team members and a pilot. Their names Daniel Faraday, Miles Straume, Frank Lapidus.”

    Now, because Ben said she was born in 1979 doesn’t mean that she was. He’s a liar. This is probably another lie or he was misinformed.

  2. Funny…watched this episode last night to check on that and planned on posting it this morning.
    I have a different idea. I am thinking that the girl we saw Daniel looking at is possibly NOT Charolette. I was thinking this during Lafleur actually. My reasoning is different than her birthday, it was kind of my evidence. My thought behind this goes as follows.
    Dan tells this girl and her mother to leave the island because he is aware of the events to come. He realizes this and never tells ‘this’ little girl this. At some point in the next couple of years, he, in one of his crazy rants, tells another woman this. This woman is Charloletts mother. I feel it is possible in some twisted greek/shaeksperian tragedy kind of way, it is possible that Dan may even be her father. Could he have found a love in the 70s ala Sawyer/Juliet. Regardless if this is true, I think that he may inadvertantly tell the real Charolette to leave, thus causing history to go on as planned…
    Either that due to pregnancy issues, her mother was taken off island for birth as many mothers are as stated in Lafleur. The real world date could have been ’79, then she could have been returned to the island, which could somehow be a few years behind…
    Or Bens just a liar ;]

  3. I agree that it could be simply that Ben’s is a liar, especially since the Dharma Initiative wasn’t terribly populace- he may have known Charlotte and was simply providing a mixture of true and false information regarding her. Still, if the 1974 “Charlotte” is indeed Charlotte, she would have to be at least 32 years old in 2004, which doesn’t mesh with the appearance of the actress who plays her. I agree that it is likely the child Daniel sees is not Charlotte, and if it turns out to be, we have to accept it as an overlook which in canon will be interpreted as either Ben’s lie or due to time warping or time looping. I consider this to be a hot topic and I expect that when we next see Faraday, we’ll learn more!

  4. What if, when Charlotte leaves with her mother they end up travelling a few years into the future much like Ben and Locke when they turned the wheel?

    That could account for the age discrepancy, and perhaps her mum had to tell Charlotte she was born a few years later than what she was to match her age up to the time that they end up in off island?

  5. emzi – I suppose that is it possible that there was some kind of time issue, but the island/world relationship previous to the wheel being dislodged seems to have functioned properly-for the most part. The latest theory fad seems to be a time travel kick, based on some new amazing theories, but with the possible exception of the “incident”, travel to and from the island seemed to occur reasonably easily and without wrinkles in time (so to speak) by DHARMA and the Others from the beginning until Locke blew up the submarine, and further when the wheel was turned. If Charlotte left the island as a child, it would have been via the submarine, NOT the wheel, in my opinion.

    Still, it IS fun to figure out possibilities, isn’t it?

  6. Em, thats kind of what I was eluding to in my comment. I think that there will be some explanation. The writers/producers slip up sometimes. But its too big an error to make in my opinion

  7. It will either be explained or the little girl just isn’t Charlotte.

    This isn’t the kind of situation where Ben would lie. It wouldn’t make any sense! If we was lying Charlotte could have just called him out as being full of it… He needs everyone (including her) to know that he knows exactly who they are. If his information isn’t right then he just loses credibility.

  8. I always thought that Faraday was her father until the “A scary man…” speech. She would know who her father was considering this is the island we are talking about and not the real world where there are infinite candidates.

  9. That could be the case as well. I just don’t see it being a mystery of lineage on the actual island. You can’t really hide anywhere… everyone knows everyone…

  10. Ben said her father was david…wasnt there a david mentioned being in the dharma before? I could have swore i heard that name somewhere on the show

  11. The only David I can think of anywhere on the show is Hurley’s father, and there’s just no way. As for the name being mentioned in connection with DHARMA, I honestly don’t remember. The time line through the 70s hasn’t worked out for me just yet. If Ben was born in 1963-1965 (based on car models used in his birth scene) then his childhood flashback scenes should have happened just prior to or during the 3 years that Sawyer et al are there. It seems a little weird to me that we are shown 1974 and 1977 with no reference to the discovery or knowledge of Ben Linus whatsoever. That was the first thing in my mind when they ended up in the 1970s.

    In any case, I am beginning to feel more convinced that the Incident or whatever circumstance Charlotte and her Mum left the Island, they must have done some skipping through time… and maybe they did this because one of the Orchid workers, Daniel Faraday, sent them away from the island using the time machine. Perhaps that act WAS the Incident…

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