Rethinking Walt’s Powers.

Birds navigate using magnetically sensitive cells within their beaks. In essence their beaks are like living compass arrows. It has even been speculated that the cryptochromes found in bird’s brains may allow them to “see” earth’s magnetic field during migration. Point being, bird’s employ magnetism in flight and migration.

Walt. Hopefully he’s not gone, maybe he is, time will tell. But since he killed that first innocent songbird, up til he massacred a whole bunch outside the window of room 23, I’ve always wondered about this curious power. It seemed an odd one to tack onto his already growing list of special abilities: prescience, portentous dreams, astral projection. Avian euthenasia just didn’t fit.

So I guess it just clikced while watching some old episodes and doing a bit of browsing. The Island has a powerful electromagnetic field. Walt has always appeared to be someone “special” in connection with the island. Perhaps this gives him an ability to excert a certain control over magnetism, and perhaps electromagnetism. Though its lost on me how this would help him achieve his other powers, it could easily explain how he could (unintentionally or with intent) disrupt a magnetic field and force a bird to fly unwillingly to its death.

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11 thoughts on “Rethinking Walt’s Powers.

  1. That’s new and interesting…..I wonder how this applies to him “being in places he shouldn’t”…..we know the backwards speaking Walt was the Smoke Monster, but I wonder how he’s so gifted….

  2. I’d be dissapointed if there isn’t any explaination to Walt and his powers. They seemed to make such a big deal of Walt and his “special powers” that it’d be a waste if we didn’t have some sort of answer for that.

  3. shanimal44, very interesting information on the birds. I was definitely unaware of their magnetically sensitive beaks!

    I have concluded that one of the reasons why Ben wanted to get rid of Walt, is because he proved to be too problematic.

    I think what you say about Walt is true. He either intentionally or otherwise was interfering with ‘the island’ and its magnetic field. And, perhaps posed a threat to Ben and his plans.

    I don’t think we are done with Walt yet. I believe his abilities and why he was sent away, will play out towards the end of the show.

    Only then, will we understand WHY.

  4. Thanks shanimal44 for your theory. To add to your ideas, it would appear then that Walt has the ability to attract birds via some sort of electromagnitism and can move them. I wonder if Walt also has the ability to move the island!

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