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5 thoughts on “Living out of Time

  1. I really like this theory a lot!!!

    It gives a great explanation for what happened to Cindy and the rest of the children from Oceanic 815.

    Jack saw them when he was being held captive and asked her how she ended up with the others –

    Cindy said – “not that simple,”

    Jack became angry. He asked her what she was doing there

    Cindy said she was there – “to watch.”

    Emma (one of the children from O815) whispered in Cindy’s ear and

    Cindy said “Emma wanted to know how Ana Lucia was doing.”

    Jack, remembering Ana Lucia’s tragic death, shouted that if she had something to watch that she should go watch it. Abashed, Cindy led the group away from the cages.

    Maybe this group of survivors was taken back to wherever prosperoburns beleives all of the others reside.

    The others on the island, or maybe living outside the temple, are part of scout team keeping the island safe.

    Good theory!

  2. I also really like this theory! I have no idea if we can build corroborating evidence from canon, but as a concept I love it. I want to find a way for Richard to make sense without being dead, and as the only frequently seen member of the Others who doesn’t age, it also gives him a special place as the time scout.

    One thing I have noticed, however, is that most of the Others seem to have been brought to the island for their scientific prowess, not all that different in caliber from DHARMA’s people, really. Did the Purge not include DHARMA versus not DHARMA, but Good versus not good? Could Ben have killed off alot of his own people, too?

    some evidence:

    1) There seem to be few Others old enough to have been with Richard in 1954 – in fact, almost everyone seems to range in age, excepting Alex and Karl- from 30-50 years of age in 2004. The only two Others we know to be present in 1954 are Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking- now off Island.

    2)In addition, they both speak British English- as those on the Black Rock would have done. The majority of Ben’s Others speak with a standard American accent. Are they descended from the Army platoon? What Mikhail a Russian spy who happened upon the Island?

    3) Also note a minority of black Others and no people of mixed heritage – a Slave ship would have carried more blacks than whites. Even Ptolemic Egypt was not a place of White skin and light eyes, so they didn’t come from Egypt either.

    So where/when did they come from?

  3. sohrshah you have kept me thinking all day!

    which is great because maybe we will get some answers 2nite!

    As for how the others came to be, I have no clue! you make a really good point that they are all different ages (the kids were probably kidnapped (Alex,Carl))

    And a Russian spy?

    Maybe only a few of them are original “Others” or the decedants of the original “Others”

    and as for the rest, they could have been recruited similarly to how Juliet was.

    When we first met Juliet, she seemed pretty tight with the others, until she was like HELLL NOO, I want off this island more then anyone! And my own people don’t tell me shit!

    so yea!

  4. “Richard and his Time Cops” orchestrated the coup to remove Dharma and place Ben in charge. He/They also controlled the coup to remove Ben and put Locke in place.

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