Does “the island” punish sin, perhaps?

I will spare you all of the religious undertones, crap, it’s there, it shouldn’t be overlooked, but moving on….
So does “the island” punish sin?
Or rather, the sins of the Oceanic 5 as seen in “Namaste.” I noticed a recurring theme throughout this episode that nobody else seemed to pick up on. The main theme I noticed throughout this episode was that the Oceanic Six seem to be paying dearly for their off-island sins. It’s almost as if the island is punishing them for leaving. Let’s start with Sayid, since he’s the most obvious.

Sayid wasn’t exactly a do-gooder off the island. Okay, he may have worked for habitat for humanity for a little while…but before that he was working for Linus as a cold blooded killer. It seems as though the Island has a sense of irony in that he is being treated as a prisoner upon his return to the island, when it used to be that he was the one on the other end doing the interrogations. In the promo for next week’s episode it even shows him tied to a tree, which I am presuming he is about to be tortured (Sawyer? Season 1? Anyone?).

Jack was probably the second most obvious. Jack did a lot of things off the island that are not exactly considered a standard of moral behavior. While he didn’t kill anyone, he was an alcoholic and addicted to pills. He also made the terrible mistake of being with Kate, which caused him all sorts of unnecessary drama. Perhaps his biggest sin, however, is that Jack was not only responsible for getting the oceanic six off the island in the first place, but he was also never really a believer until Locke died. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Jack tends to get his fire and power from being a leader and trying to fix everything. He is completely stripped of this upon his return to the island. Now, all of the sudden, Jack has made this transformation from Island leader of the flight 815ers to Janitorial “workman”. Talk about a lesson in humility. Funny how Jack was only back on the island less than 24 hours and he and Sawyer were already arguing again…guess they had to c! atch up for lost times. I wanted to laugh whenever he picked that fight with Sawyer…mostly because Sawyer kicked him right back in the teeth when he told him that he just reacted to situations without thinking…and because Jack had it coming. I do not, though, for one second believe that Jack will just be content with scrubbing toilets and sit back and to let Sawyer just run everything. The Jack is back, and I’m ready to see some of his old fire come back to life again. It’s time to re-grow that stubble, re-shave that nasty head of hair, and get back to doctor saves the day duty. I am not really sure where Juliet fits into this, so i’ll just leave her out for now.

Sun’s punishment is also simple and obvious. The whole reason Sun wanted to get back to the island was because of Jin, and, low and behold, she happens to be the only one of the oceanic six to not flash back to dharmaville. I was happy to see Christian Shephard so kindly point that out to her, as it reiterated my point. Sun’s off island sins include communing with Charles Widmore, aka Mr. “I want my bloody island back”, when I think it’s pretty clear that the island does not want HIM back.

Kate is a little bit more difficult. However, I do have suspicions that the old love triangle is about to fire itself up again with the Sawyer-Kate-Jack trio (again, not sure where Juliet fits into this, if at all). I believe, although not with certainty, that Kate wanted to get back to the island because to a certain degree, weather consciously or unconsciously, she wanted to be with Sawyer. Her punishment for playing mom for 3 years was that Sawyer just so happens to be with Juliet. Call me crazy, but that was what I came up with..for now.

And lastly we have Hurley. Okay I admit I haven’t exactly come up with a great theory for Hurley’s island punishment yet. However, I do have something to go on. Remember that the first time Hurley left the island he was the only one in the “hey let’s not lie about where we were and everything that happened to us” club. Hurley hates to lie. Also remember that the island was trying to speak to Hurley through visions of Charlie and other characters to try and get him to return. Hurley tried to ignore the visions, simply dismissing them as a reinstated case of schizophrenia, and therefore locked himself in the Santa Rosa nuthouse. Now, upon his return to the island, Hurley is forced once again to lie about who he is and how he got there. I almost wish the island would just cut him a break…considering his off island sins were significantly less than the other 4, and he actually had a legitimate excuse to think he was going crazy.

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