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OK, I’m not a fan of spoilers. In all my time watching Lost I’ve only been spoilt once, and that was by accident.

I was going to suggest that if you post a spoiler make sure it’s absolutely necessary before doing so. But then I thought, why would posting a spoiler be necessary?

This site is for posting Lost Theories and Questions – not spoilers. People come here to read theories and should feel safe to do so without fear of being spoilt.

I don’t want to say that posting a spoiler will get you banned, but I do feel that you should lean off posting them. There isn’t any point to posting them here. If people want to read spoilers they’d go to (I have no idea if that exsists but you get what I mean).

If you do post a spoiler, be considerate and post a spoiler warning in the title and the post.

But, as I’ve said, this is a Lost Theories site so if you do post a spoiler ask yourself “Do I really need to post this?” before posting.

The odd post here and there won’t get you banned, but constant spoiler posts will.

There you go, this is the official “Use of Spoilers” post.

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11 thoughts on “Use of Spoilers

  1. Good call. Thanks emzi!

    Just a thought, is there a way to add this “note” to the main menu bar so it doesn’t disappear once a few more Questions get added?

  2. Kimberly, yes I’m planning on adding this and a few other posts somewhere on the site so they’re always visible.

    The menu bar doesn’t have space so will find somewhere else for it to go 🙂

    Thanks for the positive comments on this issue 🙂

  3. There is no point to posting spoilers here. Everyone who likes spoilers has access to spoiler sites… unless you have an original spoiler I guess… But why repost something from another site?

  4. kimberly – I asked that question when the “Message to new users” post went up, and quickly down the list. I think the term is to “sticky” a thread so it has it’s own section at the top.

  5. I personally read the spoilers. Turns out that the stuff that leaks out isn’t that earth shattering afterall. It’s not a big deal.

    Here’s the thing though. That site that people go to for spoilers is well known for it’s spoilers. But the theories section is incredibly weak. I went there today and the newest theory was that Jack will flash back to where he was in the jungle at the beginning of the pilot episode and you could tell because he had Bens baton sitting next to his head.

    So let the spoiler sites release the spoilers and keep the theories sites (like this one) to theories.

  6. I read spoilers too, lol. I’m just the kind of person that can’t wait for answers – one year I opened all my Christmas presents secretly, days in advance! Naughty naughty.

    I do agree that this site is for theories and questions etc rather than spoilers and I hope people can respect this.

  7. I posted what highbrow describes as a weak spoiler in an effort to slow the TT chatter. It was not even really a spoiler and that is the only time I have ever done this in my couple years of posting. But agreed all if people want spoilers they can go find them.

    ps. I don’t often read spoilers, but when I do I would never include those thoughts or themes into any type of post or theory of my own. That would be cheating the site. +

  8. I would like to thank admin (who I believe is emzi, right?) for posting this.
    I’m a big fan of the element of surprise of the show, and I don’t like to be spoiled in any way, not even by promos. So, thank you for making these theories “safe”. (;

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