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I put this in the comments for the Rumor Squashing post, but so everyone can find it, this is where you can find the original source of Michael Emerson’s statements about Jacob. He makes Jacob comments in two segments of the podcast, before and after a break, I think.

Go to this website, on the left side of the page click on June 2007. The 3rd podcast on the page will be episode 93 with Michael Emerson.

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  1. Ok, here we go:

    Caller: (in creep voice, rambles on for a while…then…) Can I be cast as Jacob?

    M.E.: Gee, it would be a shame not to give you that part when clearly this is as good an audition as anyone could hope for…I regret to say, and the producers will be sick…that the part is filled. But you know, who knows is its even going to be a speaking part? It may be one of those…that he’s always in the shadows and we don’t even know whose voice it is kind of deals. So, you know, it’s all right, and there will be other roles.

    Interviewer: Someone has already been cast as Jacob you say?

    M.E: Yes. Well, I’ve had scenes with Jacob haven’t I?

    Interviewer: Yes, you have, and, uh, do we know who that person is?

    M.E.: I know who that person is.

    Interviewer: Can you TELL us who that person is?

    M.E.: That person is…a person…who already…worked on LOST…

    Interviewer: Ohhhh…my goodness…

    M.E.: But you have never heard that person’s voice…and I don’t THINK you ever will.

    Interviewer: Ah…

    M.E.: I don’t know that you’re ever going to see that person clearly.

    (Here they talk a minute about how you can freeze frame the cabin scene and see his face, and one interviewer mentions that he thinks it looks like Locke.)

    Interviewer: ‘Cause you know, there are theories that it’s John Locke or Jack…

    M.E.: No, it’s nothing like that…

    Interviewer (simeltaneous to Emerson’s last comment): or the smoke monster…

    And thats about it.

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