Theory on Ben *BASED ON EP 10*

Ben is injured at the Hydra station because Sayid shoots the younger him, not because he got hit by Sun.

Please either accept or reject this. It should be straightforward enough.

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52 thoughts on “Theory on Ben *BASED ON EP 10*

  1. Interesting. If whatever happened, happened then young Ben had always been shot. I don’t see why an injury 30 years ago would bother Ben in 2007.

  2. Wasnt ben up and walking about in a later episode. I dont think this is what happens.

    I think that the island doesnt only move through time, it moved through multiple parallel universes. Thus, ben being shot in one past would mean he is only dead for the future of that parallel universe. While in another one, ben isnt even born and in another one ben is still alive (IE the one Sun is in).

  3. I don’t think whatever happened happened. Much like Desmond and Charlotte remember stuff randomly. I feel Ben will wake up from his rest with so much new knowledge.

  4. Makes sense. I just wouldn’t know what is stopping him from not remembering… unless the past events we see (i.e. Sayid shooting Ben) take place later in 2007 Ben’s life, if you know what I mean?

  5. thats a good point lost4815… ben should wake up with the memory now that it has occurred. pretty cool stuff. i could imagine ben waking up in the future going “damn, he is a killer”

  6. Just when would someone remember something that changed? Why did Desmond remember Faraday at the hatch door when he did? I don’t think it follows from logic, but that it was a good way of telling it storywise. So the question then becomes, if Sayid changes the past by shooting Ben, when would Ben remember that? Wouldn’t he have that knowledge even at the time of the 815 crash? Why would it suddenly pop into his head in 2007?

  7. lost4815162342 – That is exactly what I was trying to say. Just because we see it happen in the show, did this 1977 event occur the same time that Ben is passed out?

  8. Just want to put in my two cents,

    Personally, I fall in the camp of “whatever happened, happened.” We do not have any solid proof of anyone changing the past except in the case of Desmond. Charlotte didn’t “recover” memories like Desmond did in his sleep; Charlotte had been searching for the island all her life, so this is proof that she had these memories inside her. The reason she suppressed the memories was because of her mother telling her that the island was not real.

    In the case of Ben, I definitely think he remembers being shot by Sayid when he was young…hence, why he is so sure when he tells Sayid that he is a killer. I think Ben has much more knowledge than we know, which is why he is so well-informed and always one-step ahead. O, and I know I didn’t state this but obviously I think that kid Ben is NOT dead and will be saved by : the island, jack, who knows. But course correctors are always in place.

    As for kid Ben’s injury affecting adult Ben, I do not think that this is the case.

  9. Uhm, no, it happened 30 years ago.

    If Ben got shot by Sayid and lives, then it always happened that way.

    If Ben is dead, the writers need to get real creative to deal with the Paradox = Ben dead in 77 at a young age = Ben never bringing Sayid and the rest of them back on 316 = Sayid not in 77 = Ben not dead in 77….. you get the point. Not saying it’s impossible, just saying it would take a lot 🙂

  10. By definition cappayne: Something that happens in 2007 doesn’t happen at the same time as something in 1977. Even if the number of hours that have elapsed since they were both on the same flight(316) are the same, these two events do not happen at the same time. Time travel’s a bitch.

  11. Kid Ben dieing could be explained by the parallel universe. But i think that is complete BS the more i think about it.

    Now i think that the list that Ethen was supposed to create was people that Ben remembered from childhood.

  12. bejayel – BUT, Sayid was not on the list. At the same time Michael was sent to get those on the list, Sayid was with Jin and Sun traveling to the Others camp to ambush them (and when they saw the statue’s foot).

  13. I think the thing about the list (with Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley) is that prior to little Ben getting shot, he is convinced that Sayid is an Other/hostile. SO, the people on the list from 2004-Ben’s perspective were involved with Dharma, whereas Sayid was not.

  14. So I’m having one hell of a time figuring out what could possibly be the rhyme or reason behind his memory of this event or the consequences of getting shot should pop up just now. Why not 10 years ago? Why not 20 years ago? Oh, I see… it’s because we the viewers are watching him now. We just saw him get shot in 1977 so the next time we see him (no matter what year it is) is when he remembers it.

    That doesn’t make one little bit of sense.

  15. TehIgnored: The future will correct itself. ‘Ben’ is insignificant. The future would just make another ‘Ben’ IF it was necessary to correct the future – now, wrap your mind around this … there was never supposed to BE a Ben on the island, and all the other stuff happened to get rid of him before he caused the purge (e.g. someone else went back and messed things up that caused Ben’s mom to die that caused weirdo Workman-Dad that warped Ben … there’s a bump on the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea …) and NOW the future has corrected itself 815 didn’t have to crash.

  16. higbrow – That’s my problem as well. If it always happened, it always happened. If that’s how it is. But – like in Desmond’s case – if Faraday does something that apparently didn’t or wasn’t supposed to happen, then Desmond remembered it when we saw him next on the show.

  17. I have an explaination for Desmond. His consciousness was travelling. That’s why his dream seemed so real. But that’s very different anyway. That is a memory. This is a physical injury. Totally different!

  18. I don’t think Ben received memories like Desmond did. I believe that he had this knowledge even in season one when we first saw him introduced to the losties. I believe Ben recognized Sayid as the one who shot him as a child. Ben learned things as a child about the losties that he was able to use in the future to manipulate them.

    No one can do anything that wasn’t supposed to happen because it has already happened. The only time the past was actually changed was in the case of Desmond.

  19. Charlotte remembered differently than Desmond. Charlotte remembered something that really happened to her. If Faraday is her father because he went back in time – she actually has a memory.

    Desmond is ‘unique’ in his ability to change time. His past has been changed and he remembers it in the future.

  20. I disagree about Desmond. Nothing has changed for him. At least not from the point of view that matters which is the future. Charlotte maybe was just remembering something about someone telling her she would die because she’s now faced with the prospect of dying.

    Oh, did everyone see the article linked on the lostpedia mainpage? They’re saying that Charlottes age thing was a screw up. Her character is 37 or something like that. So it was her that Daniel saw in 1974.

  21. The episode titles are announced through press releases. I’m not sure how many of them have been released yet but I’d imaging if they have been released then they’re probably set. Some titles though are leaked and spread around as rumors/spoilers so its probably better to just keep them out of the discussion here.

  22. I personally find the episode titles on Wikipedia also lists them. As for which ones are known. I think from 2 weeks ago even, all of the names of episodes this season were listed on those sites.

  23. Yeah, I see the titles on Wikipedia too.
    BTW, they just released the titles for EVERY EPISODE of season 5! Regarding the veracity of the names, they area always subject to change in the days to come until they are aired, but not likely.
    Anyone want to know which FEATURED CHARATER IS presented on “The variable”?

  24. Mamey,

    One time I mentioned a character (Walt) that would be in an upcoming episode (based on reason and then supported by something I had read) and it was taken as “spoiler-ish” – so be very wary of posting character related upcoming events. It’s that kind of stuff that some of us like to theorize about, not necessarily ‘know’ ahead of time. 🙂

  25. And I think that on another thread somewhere recently, people are mentioning that Desmond is due and the “Variable” makes the most sense since he is special when it comes to timelines.

    But now there’s talk and ideas about Ben having the same ‘specialness’ so that’s what I mean by people liking to theorize about the “who” and the “what” that is coming.

    Ugh. Ben = special. Help…

  26. I agree with the titles being ‘spoilerish’.
    I unfortunatly saw most of them when looking to see how many episodes there were this season, but to others that havent, its really not fair.
    Its kind of away of knowing what is going to happen. By knowing the title..

    If there was something big that happened, and an episode at the end of the season is named after it, it will be known, that that particular event doesnt happen for a while, taking away buildup and suprise from viewers aware of the title.
    Not good if they dont want to be aware and are on a theories page.

  27. AES and Kimberly:

    I am aware of the “spoilers”, that is why I ASKED first and did not say anything. But thanx for the warning.

    Just wanted to ask who wanted to know. Btw AES, I too by “mistake” saw the titles and featured characters on the upcoming episodes, but, nothing I can do to forget (wish it could be like Lost lose of memory).

    If anyone wants to know, just get to Wikipedia (list of lost episodes). I’m not gonna tell you, it’s YOUR CHOICE.

  28. Just to add something as to what I was saying: When I said “Featured characters” – for all of you who don’t know – it is the “section” of a page in Wikipedia, related to an episode. For example, last week, the “featured character” was SAYID, for obvious reasons. But not neccesarily a SINGLE character has to be featured on an episode on LOST. For example, “Beacause you left” and “Namaste” featured “Varios” charaters, as they did not focus on a single character, but on various.

    My point here nevertheless is, that I do not know what is going to happen on upcoming episodes, just know the “section” of the Lost episodes (on wiki) named “featured characters”, and they are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. For example, the season 4 finale “there’s no place like home”, at first was supposed to feature the character “Sawyer” (if my memory is not failing me), but at last – as we all know – it featured “Various” (the O6).

    Hope it helped clarify all the mess.

  29. Lol, too many thing to add I suppose.

    Also, as we already have noted, on LOST, epidoe titles do not reveal much generaly (and it is more than 80% of the times). Take last week’s episode for example, “he’s our you”, it was not even posible to imagine. Moreover, most episodes (like last week’s), have a title named after a line on some characters (“Because you left” is another with that characteristic).

    So, having an episode be named like “jughead”, really does not reveal much, as it only turned out to be a H bomb. To name a few episodes. So, concordantly, “the variable” is not a name that says much (trust me).

  30. AES, yes! I totally agree with that! That is ONE of the few only episodes that I concider “revealing” by its title. Feel a bit of regreat of the fact that I know the name thought. Eventhough, I a as well very excited and looking forward very much for the LAST ONE.

  31. Well well, an intrested one. There always is.

    If you have found the main page of “List of Lost episodes” (type that exact words on wikipedia to find it), then you only go all the way to Season 5, and there are columns describing each episode. One of them is “featured character”.

    Any further questions, let me know.

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