Oldham Pharmaceuticals

Cocafreckles gives the translation of the cyrilic on the building of this week’s episode as ‘Oldham Pharmaceuticals’…

Oldham being the HE of ‘He’s Our You’ it follows that Oldham the psycho has a greater role to play than to just be DI’s contact for LSD and other hallucinogens on the island…

Sayid murders a gentleman in Russia who has a great deal of money and who is allegedly part of Widmore’s group. Ben tells Sayid that this guy is the last person in Widmore’s group that can harm his friends back on the island. Mission accomplished. What is the link between the 1970’s Oldham and this (presumably) rich pharmaceuticals company?

A couple of weeks ago Horace was blowing up trees with sticks of dynamite. Is there a link?

Any ideas as to Oldham’s greater role? Did anyone notice what patch he was wearing? Why does he live in a home-made tent instead of the barracks? Shouldn’t he be working at the Orchid tending marijuana plants or something?

Anyone have any ideas?

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6 thoughts on “Oldham Pharmaceuticals

  1. I think the sign was more of an Easter Egg than anything else. Oh, and that wasn’t LSD. It was probably something more along the lines of sodium pentathol.

  2. BennyTN, that was LSD, you inject sodium pentathol, the orignal way that LSD was taken was:
    oured over a sugar cube and ingested. Sodium pantathol doesn’t produce violent reactions but with LSD you never know what kind of trip you are going to take thus they used the restraints. And another question…why, as everyone is always pointing out that Ben is such a great liar, do we feel compel to believe that the people that Sayid killed were in fact Widmore assoiciates…I am leaning more towards the last of the Dharma folks and my impression is that they have nothing to do with Widmore at all. Just my two cents.

  3. Oh and I know and I think that Ilana is working for Widmore…there was no other reason for her to be escorting him to Guam…wouldn’t she have taken him to the family and like they would watch as she tortured him or something?

  4. I agree that Ilana is not working for who she says she is (or who she thinks she is), but I don’t think it’s Widmore. It’s Ben. It makes more sense to me, at least. Why does Widmore care if Sayid gets back to the island? Ben is the one who was been desperately trying to get everyone from Oceanic 815 back to the island. Sayid told Ben “If I ever see you again, it will be very unpleasant for us both.” Ben had to figure out another way to get him on that plane. Ben is probably the only person who knows that Sayid is the one that killed the guy on the golf course. Also, Sayid asks Ilana on the plane is she’s working for Ben.

  5. It may not have been Sodium Pentathol, but it definitly was not LSD. Have you ever taken LSD? It does not make you tell the truth, period. I know there were experiments testing it as a truth serum but they failed because it was so unreliable. I can say from personal experience that is was not LSD. That, plus the amount of liquid that was poured on that cube would kill a man if it were LSD. I guarantee you that it was something else.

  6. I was joking abut it being LSD. I always thought it was something else. Maybe Sodium Pentathol, maybe something different. The writers can afford to be vague.

    Does anyone think Oldham gets off the island before the purge and gets co-opted by Widmore or Ben?

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