Thoughts on the Black Rock?

Righto, i’m a first-time poster so excuse anything that has been said or is utter nonsense =]

Well, i’ve read a lot of theories on the Black Rock and the point of most is that it was marooned due to the island moving before after someone turning the Frozen Donkey Wheel, but for a while i’ve not been too convinced.

Now, in the UK there is an advert for Vodka (not the point, but stick with me!) where there is a sort of magnetic field that takes everything from the sea and throws it onto land (the point being the Vodka is pure ^^;;) and it struck me: maybe this is how the Black Rock ended up on the island.

Maybe there was another part in time, waaay before Dharma or the Losties, when the Electro-Magnetism energy that is on the island was far from being contained and it sort of, sucked in the Black Rock?

I know this theory sounds weak and pretty stupid, and I know it really doesn’t play any signifigance to the current Lost plot, but it sounds nice!

I mean, Magnetism bringing in anything that got close seems much more plausble to me than the island moving… But that’s just me.

Comments appreciated, but i’m not bothered =]


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I live in Scotland, so I get the episodes later than America, although I kind of like that because it means I can find out things to look out for when i'm watching my beloved Lost <3

22 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Black Rock?

  1. I get the idea, but I think there is a better chance it will be introduced with the island ‘popping’ up underneath the ship, as it ‘appears’ out of nowhere…hence the ship being in the middle of the island…

  2. ah the infamous black rock resurrected – i agree with a.e.s, somewhat, must have been at the wrong place at the wrong time, pop an island appears underneath it, well that’s convenient, a good place to kill a dad and a good place to find dynamite when needed. hmmm, wonder where horus got that dynamite

  3. The swan was built to control the energy with the button being built to contain the energy so it could be that the energy was very strong back then

  4. Perhaps the incident is a uncontrolled release of the energy…perhaps this sent the island jumping…perhaps the swan was put into effect sooner than planned, and without knowing all the consequences…

  5. i vaguely remember a theory on the black rock from back in the day…something about the black rock being sucked/tossed into the center of the island, because of all the metals on board (collected from whereever it was mining) reacting to the electromagnatism on the island or something like that. i’ll try to look it up…but remember when the hatch exploded, and all the metal was flying to that one wall. I guess it would be something like that. but does that then mean that there has to be something under the black rock for that to be true? would the ship get sucked in but not actually land on the exact place where the electromagnatism is coming from?

    anyone? help, i just talked myself confused.

  6. I remember that. It waas before we had dissapearing islands and whatnot.
    Im not as concerned with how it got there, as to who was on it, and what happened to them.
    Well aware of the slave ship, but where and who was the crew?

  7. i totally agree, and yes thats true that was before we had dissapearing islands….i hope we get big answers on this one, it’s a creepy goodie.

  8. The two ideas I’ve seen about the Blackrock so far have been this, where the ship was pulled onto the island by the island’s electromagnetic field and the one AES mentioned where the island appeared under the ship.

    The problem I have with the first one is that the ship itself is not magnetic (it’s wood). It would have to be pulled in due to something it was carrying. In my imagination if the pull was that strong I see the stuff being ripped out of the ship though the wall and not actually pulling the ship along with it. Also, if it was pulled there by the island’s magnetism then why hasn’t a bunch of other stuff been pulled in?

    The other theory has the problem of how exactly the ship would end up ON the island and not inside it. If the island moved and appeared under the ship then we would assume that the island sort of rose out of the water. We know this isn’t how the island moves because Sawyer and Juliet didn’t drown when the island was moved. The island never became submerged so how would it rise up under the ship?

    I still think it’s going to be one of these two examples but I don’t think it will be explained very well… that is, if they go into it at all

  9. I remember reading somewhere that the ship could have been carried by a tsunami wave into its present position.

    The recent Tsunami carried all kinds of floatsom inland.

    If so the devastation to the surrounding jungle around the ship in its initial landing would have been huge.

  10. Slightly off topic and a little late, but username brings up a good point that I hadn’t thought about. Horace must have gotten the dynamite from the Black Rock. He was blowing up trees in 1977, but in 1974, when Sawyer was telling Horace about how they were all on a salvage vessel looking for the Black Rock, Horace says he’s never heard of it. He was either lying, or within in the three years of living with the DI, Sawyer showed it to them. I guess it doesn’t really matter which one it is.

    Anyway, I’m onboard with the idea of the Black Rock being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It makes sense to me that the island simply moved to exactly where the ship was. The island wouldn’t have to rise from underneath the ship for it to end up on the island just like it wouldn’t come down on top of it and crush it. It just moved to the place in the ocean where the Black Rock happened to be, and there was no place for the Black Rock to go but to rest on whatever part of the land that appeared where it was. I’d have no problem swallowing that explanation.

  11. agreed, we do not know the elevation of the island at that point. there are plenty of places on earth at or below sea level. like the dead sea.

  12. Sea level doesn’t really enter into it. We know the island is above water. We know the ship would be right there on the surface of the water. If the island doesn’t rise up out of the water then the ship should be buried. It would be inside the island when the island appeared.

  13. why would it be buried if the part of the island that it is located at when the island appears is just under sea level. how would it be buried? it would be right on top of the land

  14. They didn’t see the island sink in the water. They showed that something that was there was no longer there. The ripples in the water make it seem more like it just vanished all at once.

  15. Thanks for your comments guys!
    You’ve actually helped me to understand it more =]

    Hehe, I did say it was just a stupid little theory based on a vodka advert xD


  16. sophie, where abouts in the uk are you from? im living in oxford but im from manchester.

    typical, the uk member brings alcohol to the discussion 😉


    We see Dharma using explosives to excavate the Orchid cave underground. It is common practice and always has been to use dynamite for construction work.

    In fact it is certain that a case of dynamite has NOT been lying around in the hold of the black rock since 1842. The reason is that Alfred Nobel invented and patented dynamite in 1866-67, some 24 years later! TNT (Trinitrotoluene) was created by German chemist Joseph Wilbrand in 1863, also too late to be on the Black Rock.

    Someone from Dharma, or possibly Rousseau would have brought it there to stash it.

  18. I’m from Glasgow, Thomas.
    Guess that only adds to the sterotype xD
    But you know the advert I mean?
    I just thought it looked quite cool. ^^;;


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