The Whidmore Constant

Forgive me if this has already been proposed, but I have a theory on why some of the people on the plane crash went back into the ’70s and why the rest stayed in present time.

Daniel spoke of needing a “constant” for time travel. Desmond used Penny as his constant; he was able to go back and tell her to wait for his call in the future.

My theory is that Whidmore is the “constant” for those in present time. None of the characters that went into the past ever had any real connection to Whidmore. However, those that stayed in the present did.

Ben – Obviously has a connection.
Sun – Spoke with him multiple times.
The woman who had Sayid in custody – Seems to be working for Whidmore. She is a head hunter for one of the men that Sayid killed… who Ben said were Whidmore’s people.
The pilot – hired by whidmore to go kill Ben
Locke – Whidmore was the first person Ben saw after he got back to the “real world” for lack of a better term.

There are a few others who I assume we will know what their dealings are with whidmore… not sure what this all means, but found it interesting… Again, I apologize if this is all old info. 🙂

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19 thoughts on “The Whidmore Constant

  1. interesting widmore connection to the 316ers if indeed ilana is working for widmore. however, a constant is something you deeply care about, and i doubt ilana and frank and sun care deeply about widmore.

  2. sun-yes cause she wants ben dead.

    the woman who had sayid in custody was exacting revenge on behalf of her family, because sayid killed one of her family members that was working for widmore.

    are you talking about lapidus pilot-his paycheck may be comming from widmore but i think hes just a pilot in a bad place and time.

    locks stuck in between . i think in the end he will follow his own ideas.

  3. Maybe “constant” was the right word… Perhaps “connection” would better serve this line of thinking. They all have this “connection”… whereas Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Hurley did not.

    As Lapidus is concerned… he may have a dislike for Whidmore seeing what he’s done.

    Question? Can they have Whidmore as a “constant” if they don’t know that’s what he is?

  4. i believe daniel said the constant needs to be somthing from your past and present that you really care about that will keep your mind together.

  5. Maybe the island isn’t ready for their “part” yet. I don’t think its a coincidence that anyone who was on that plane sat in those seats. Except for that poor co-pilot that took a tree to the chest.

    Anyhow, just a thought. Not sure how any of this thinking ties in.

  6. eklocation said, “a constant is something you deeply care about”… and poohbear says, “i believe daniel said the constant needs to be somthing from your past and present that you really care about that will keep your mind together”.

    It is important to note that both of you said “something” not “someone”. Maybe Widmore is just the personification of the “something” that these folks “really care about”.

  7. Maybe Lapidus wanted to go back to the island (or it wanted him back) so he could finish whatever his mission was when he skipped out on being the pilot for 815…

  8. I still think Ilana is (unknowingly) working for Ben, not Widmore. Why does Widmore care if Sayid gets back to the island? Ben is the one trying to get the 815er’s back. Sayid no longer wants anything to do with Ben, so Ben had to come up with a plan to get him on the plane.

  9. i don’t think constants are playing a part in this particular situation. i prefer to think that ben and sun can not exist in the 70’s as older self as they are there as younger self.

  10. Miles may very well be there as his younger self. Sawyer confirmed during the flashing period that he was on the island at the same time his younger self was on the island. Locke was on the island at the same time as his younger self.

  11. also look at the orchid orientation film blooper video or whatever its called. with two of the same bunny in the same place at the same time and pierre chang freaking out

  12. Right, but the video with the bunnies only shows that it is possible for someone to exist twice at the same time… It’s dangerous but possible. So it’s not the reason Sun didn’t flash back to the ’70s.

  13. Ok, it’s a possible reason. It wouldn’t make any sense though. It was ok for John, Miles, Sawyer, Juliet, Dan, etc, to be there on the island at the same time but for some reason it’s not ok for Sun? How does her father figure into it?

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