A plot to kidnap Matthew Fox *POSSIBLE SPOILER*

Ok, so I have been thinking…
about how Lost is going to end.
It is driving Me crazy.
Matthew has said that he knows how Lost ends.
It is rumored that he is in the last scene of the series and this scene has already been shot (around the end of season 3).
It is also rumored that Walt is in that very scene with him.
I guess it was so that he wouldn’t have appeared to age all that much (but we have seen him since all big and tall and strapping, so now I am not so sure about this).
I just want to kidnap and torture him until he tells me how it all ends (kidding, mostly).
Lost is getting on my nerve.
I am tired of tossing and turning at night, waking up in cold sweats screaming, “whatever happened, happened!”
So whoever wants to help… let me know.

I could use a nice hawaiian vacation right about now.

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I am an disgruntled fan of Lost. I love to hate it and hate it to love it. JJ is notorious for letting down fans but I don't hold it against Lost. I have a crazy theory that has been brewing for the last year now and I will be posting it shortly. Forgive my tirades and bitter comments. I get on edge when I can't get my Lost fix.

4 thoughts on “A plot to kidnap Matthew Fox *POSSIBLE SPOILER*

  1. again…between this and matts theory..i am becoming very disgruntled myself….i read this yessterday..emzi..did u mark this spoiler? I read it yesterday and it was NOTMARKED, i dont think at least………………..

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