Just curious, has anyone else wondered if Ben’s future spinal problem may have been caused by a gunshot wound in the past?

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  1. Maybe they weren’t originally. Maybe now the gunshot wound is the reason he needs to have Jack do spinal surgery in the future. Just a thought.

  2. Well, I would expect that if they were related then it would be because the bullet caused some damage to the spine that wasn’t properly repaired. But he got shot up high and his tumor, I believe, was down low on his spine…

  3. What if the first surgery was to remove a tumor but because of the new developments ‘course correction’ causes the next surgery to be the removal of a bullet lodged next to his spine.

  4. Which actually would work into the one timeline theory. What I mean is that Ben really only has one surgery but events leading up to the surgery changed the surgery slightly. The fact that he had the surgery doesn’t change, or even the type of surgery, but the reason for the surgery.

  5. And actually Jack makes a slit in Ben’s kidney sack then tells the others that if he doesn’t sew it up that Ben will die. Which obviously makes the surgery near the base of the spine.

  6. Yeah, I don’t think they’re related… if they were then sure, they would support the one timeline theory… not just that but it would indicate (yet again) that we have only one timeline and that it is immutable.

  7. im nearly 100% sure they arent related. cancer has to do with improperly relegated stem cells. we all have stem cells near birth (as well as some afterwords for organ repair), and stem cells can become any other cell(liver, skin, etc.), but sometimes there are errors when they try to become a certain cell and become growing masses or tumors. these arent the cause of all tumors, but i doubt the bullet can cause a tumor later based on what i have learned in bio and reading articles

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