I have a feeling

We’ll be seeing Charlie Pace again soon . . . er I have a weird hunch that Charlie somehow ends up programming the code to the Looking Glass. It was written by a musician. I watched that episode a few days ago and it seemed strange for some reason. Could be a coincidence and one that allows Charlie to fulfill his destiny. Now I have no idea HOW he might end up back in Dharma days or how he’d be the one to program the code (the jamming code) but . . . ah, perhaps I’ll be wrong. Also Vincent’s presence has been driving me nuts. In the early episodes, Vincent’s all over the place and they cut to him watching the Losties and he seems to be leading or provoking things. Where the hell is Vincent now? This stuff is driving me nuts. I do believe Jacob’s got something going on with Vincent. I’m starting to like the parallel worlds thing. In that case Charlie could be somehow alive in Dharma Days . . . sheesh!

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wilma funderbund

3 thoughts on “I have a feeling

  1. that would be cool. i wonder how that song gets programed.

    if hurley is responsible for the numbers, than charlies must be responsible for the song used as a password.

  2. Yeah this is plausable – He did seem to know the tune rather easily – like when he typed the tune out I remember thinking that if I had to do it I’d have chosen a different part of the song.

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