How do the Hostiles travel to and out of the Island pre-Purge?

Has anyone ever wondered how people like ‘the Hostiles’ can get out of the island? When they travel off the island in the 2000’s we see them using the sub that belonged to the Dharma Iniciative, sure, but that was post-Purge. How did Richard, after knowing about Locke’s birth in 1954, go off the island in 1956 and then comes back? We know that he’s back in the 70’s when he talks to little Ben, and he still doesn’t have access to the sub or any other means of transoprtation of the DI.

Also, assuming that you have to go through a specific bearing to travel to and off the island, it would require some technology, wouldn’t it? Or he can just teletransport himself…

This has probably been asked before, but I don’t remember seeing theories about it, so if someone has a thought, please share.

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11 thoughts on “How do the Hostiles travel to and out of the Island pre-Purge?

  1. I don’t think they did. Richard’s different since he doesn’t age so he probably can pop through time from something he found out later (maybe Locke was the only kid he tried to recruit off island and did ‘cuz Locke told him about himself – but Locke wasn’t supposed to be there YET so picked the compass so Richard’s journey didn’t change the future. This also says Locke didn’t remember picking wrong the 1st time or would have picked correctly after than and everything else is moot.)

    Anyway, remember how dissheveled Richard looked when young Ben saw him first. He clearly wasn’t getting those mighty fine suits (of course, I think the hostiles were decendants of the Black Rock, with others that crashed there.

  2. Before this season, I thought Richard was a time traveler. he could still be. Or as you mentioned, the bearing could be used by anybody. I’m not sure what technology would be needed to calculate that bearing. Or there could be another way, that we just don’t know about yet.

  3. Oompa

    What a great question! I haven’t thought about this before but your right, how did Richard travel to the US in the 50’s without any transport, the only thing i can come up with is the US soldiers boat, I know we have not seen it but there must have been one, but even then it probably could not have handled the pacific to the US.

    I am really interested in the answer, its to be big to be a glaring error so there must be another way off the island – oh hang on i have had a brain wave, there is another way off the island – the wheel!!

    So did richard use the wheel before and thats how Ben found out about it, if so how did richard get back on the island. Great post and I want to know the answers!!

  4. If he ‘turned the wheel’ he ended up in Tunesia (or something) … but then had to die to get back, so he had to know that as well as have someone who’d want to bring him back. Hmmmm ….

  5. Been wondering the same and more about that damn sub and Donkey Wheel. What we have seen so far just doesn’t cover this.

    Connected to my Post “How to get to and from an island…” under ‘theories’…

  6. I mentioned this in the other post, but the sub could be from the military unit that was installing Jughead. Testing in the South Pacific commenced immediately following the end of WWII and lasted for over a decade until 1962. It is possible that the “original” others ousted the Jughead crew and stole their sub. The same goes for various boats. The boats the bearded others have in early seasons of Lost are obviously very old designs, probably from the 1950’s.

  7. The temple is how the others go to and from the island…it is linked to the original position of the island (somewhere in the desert) and my guess is there is one door to the oasis (the island) and one to the desert.

  8. Thank you for your thoughts.

    I like the temple idea.
    And the Smokey idea. lol

    I don’t agree with turning the Donkey wheel, since I believe it’s to be used only as a measure of “last resort”, as Ben mentioned, and of extreme urgency.
    But every way to go off the island would seem require a lot of work and time…
    Maybe it took Richard many years and a lot of effort to come back and in that time he grew his hair a little? (: Then finally got back and appeared to Ben looking exhausted?… Meh, maybe not.

  9. ontopofoldsmokey suggested the idea that Richard is the smoke monster. As absurd as it may seem, it seems like a possible way for him to get to and from the island: by “morphing” into smokey.

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