Christian & Locke… Healed by the Others?

Both Christian and Locke were brought to the island in caskets, yet now they live (in whatever capacity it might be).

Is it possible that the “others” healed them like they healed young Ben? If so that would have to mean that both of them became “others” upon the transformation. Anything to add?

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3 thoughts on “Christian & Locke… Healed by the Others?

  1. i think this was brought up before deep within a comment section because i remember this thought…seems plausible… it also goes with a theory that you dont age once u have been resurrected, and thus is what happened to richard a while ago.

  2. Oooh.. Good point. That makes a ton of sense.

    Maybe that’s why Ben could never truly be their leader…. He’s not been through the fire.

  3. I really do not get how someone gets chosen for resurrection. Why aren’t Boone and the Marshall and Nikki and Arzt resurrected?

    Okay, Arzt I can understand 🙂

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