What do you think Richard meant when he said “loose his innocence”

I have a few crazy ideas:

Ben gains “knowledge” which causes him to loose his innocence. Perhaps whats in the temple saves him but in the process shows him something. Something that forever links him to the others.

Another idea is that Ben is changed somehow. This one is more about who the others may actually be. Sometime I think they are “not of our world”. Not Aliens by any means. Just that maybe they are from another world mirroring ours. Maybe Ben is now on the other side?

I always get this feeling that the others are either walking dead people (like christian), or that they are somehow not of the earth that losties are from. I am working on a theory about this whole dealeo.

Hoping to spark some conversation about this. I would love you know what you folks think the others might be, what happens to Ben.

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7 thoughts on “Temple/Others/Ben

  1. the others are just like the 8-15 survivors.they got there accidentally.richard is from the past.he got there when the islands electromagnetism was right for travelling by “way of the rat(just the mind travels).people were too scared to turn the key in the swan station to make the electromagnetism right was widmore who built the swan station to harness the electromagnetism so the islands time machine would work in the physical everythings right again(because the swan station is gone.richard will return from where he came from.oh,by the way,richard is lockes dad.thats what i think anyway.ive got it all figured out,i think?

  2. Rousseau’s crew members changed when they entered the temple… They weren’t innocent anymore. Remember when Robert tried to kill her?
    I think something like this is going to happen to Ben.

  3. good point on the crew changing, i had forgot able that. I have silly question is this where the well was or is that Locke descended or simple fell down?

  4. I think that Ben is going to lose his innocence by the fact that they took him into the temple when we just saw that a thing attacked Rousseau’s friends, so maybe Smokey lives there and as we just saw with Eko, Smokey is going to show Ben things that he has to change in some future so he can became leader, or something…

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