What does Juliet know?

This may somehow be really obvious and I am just overlooking it but… why does Juliet think the others can help Ben? Or perhaps the better question is what crazy stuff has she seen that leaves them open as an option. I mean come on they do not appear to have a resident surgeon just running around. Has she seen Richard do some crazy “others magic” or has she heard Richard or Ben talk about special things that the others can do?

This is probably nothing, it just seemed odd to me that she didn’t try harder to get Jack to help or anything. She was just a little quick with her “Well I can’t do it so we should take him to the others.” The others just seemed like her natural second option.

Maybe I’m just crazy. What do you guys think?

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17 thoughts on “What does Juliet know?

  1. NMB, This is a great question! I mentioned awhile back in one of my theories, that Juliette knows much more than what she is letting on.

    Let’s go back to one of her last conversations with Ben, when she was supposed to be marking the tents of the potential pregnant ‘losties’. She makes a comment to Ben, along the lines of, “I don’t know Ben, after all we’ve already put them through’. She had to have known something.

    Juliette also knew that the language young Widmore and his friend was Latin, and said it was ‘the others’ language. She also mentioned to Sawyer how old Richard Alpert was.

    I am not suggesting that Juliette knows everything, but she definitely knows way more than she is letting on!

    I still am of the belief, that she is, in part, present with ‘the losties’ at Ben’s bequest! She is present to make sure, everything goes according to Ben’s ‘master plan’!

    She also seems to have no surprise over some of the happenings, such as ‘the flashes’, Sawyer seeing Kate helping Claire to give birth to Aaron, being shot at in the canoe, and the mysterious statue, etc. She emits no element of surprise whatsoever!

    She’s just along for the ride, and following the script, and improvising where necessary, IMO.

  2. She knows a lot, that’s for sure. She even said herself something along the lines of “if you knew how much I know you’d probably kill me”…

  3. Noe that you mention it it does seem odd how cool and collected she was while they were flashing. Everyone else was freaking out or at least a little scared and she seemed completely unmoved by it.

    If she actually is with the losties per Ben’s request then she deserves to be right up there with Ben on the list of all time greatest liars and manipulators!

  4. Dabs and NMB you both make great points. There’s always been something about Juliet… she is with the con man, after all. With next week’s episode showing us alot about Ben, maybe some of his past with Juliet will come to light. I like to think she’s truly a Lostie in her loyalties, but she’ll always be at least a little bit “Other”.

  5. I’m with Hurleybird. Juliet knows “the Island” can cure people. and she knows “the others” are the “islands native inhabitants”. and voila, take the dieing kid to richard. “IMHO”

  6. There’s a couple of reasons why I think that Juliet is not working for Ben.

    1. Ben had her former love interest, Ethan, killed. Ben sent him on “assignment” to infiltrate the survivors of Flight 815.

    2. Ben sends his own personal mercenaries to the beach to take the women. Juliet helps them, in addition to Karl, to plan an ambush. Ben had the look of surprise and makes the comment that Juliet has betrayed us.

    Reason number one alone is enough. Also, I don’t think Ben helped Juliet’s sister. This was simply a ploy to keep Juliet working at her research.

    That is another whole issue. We now know that Ethan was conceived and born on the island. Mothers not being able to give birth had to have come later.

  7. For the love of Jacob! (LOL)

    POYNE, go to the blackboard right now and write 100 times:



  8. Juliet lived among the Others in Dharmaville (New Otherton in post-purge era) for three years from 2001 to 2004.

    She met and interracted with Richard and his peculiar group for a lot of that time.

    Richard may have had memories at that time of her bringing a wounded Ben to him in 1977. This is presently up for debate, depending on your notions of time travel, course corrections, mind shifts, etc.

    She went through therapy with Harper Stanhope. (Now there’s a woman I would not want to have crawling inside my brain!)

    She learned or perfected conversational Latin. (ask any latin scholar how easy that would be)

    She learned Judo and-or boxing and possibly other self-defense techniques.

    She learned how to handle and fire rifles and hand-guns with deadly accuracy.

    She also is familiar with several of the abandonned stations (Staff, Hydra).

    and you say she will always be a little bit OTHER?

    I have to agree with that one.

  9. Dabs and Andre, great points.

    Juliet looked downright creepy when she paused before saying, “we could take him to them.”

    It’s as if this was THE line that she knew she was supposed to say…probably even central to her ‘mission’ in being part of the Losties-turned-Dharma. As much as Kate perpetuated Ben being taken by Alpert, Juliet was truly the source of information.

  10. Wow….i was just rewatching WH, H and I think maybe it went like this. Remember the conversation that Ben had with Juliet when he was on the operating table. I think that Ben told her something like this….”Do what Jack wants and I will let you go home. And, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT JULIET….if Jack refuses to operate on me and it looks like I am going to die, take me to Richard. He will be able to help me.” I think that when little Ben is dying, Juliet remembers that conversation. She looks so stricken because she realizes that Ben wasn’t referring to Jack operating on his tumor, he was planting the seeds of what she should do IN THE PAST. She realizes that Ben knew that she would be in the past all along and that, yet again, she is just being played like a pawn.

  11. HurleyBird!
    Wow! Good one.

    I hope they will go back to that conversation and show us what was said. Or at least have Juliet or Ben reference it in dialogue.

    Just one thing. This pre-supposes that Ben remembers Jack in 1977 in the first place (which I am still on the fence about. I do not think that’s how it works).

  12. There is something else about Juliet…
    She knows things we have not been told yet…
    Juliet was most likely an other at the point when the island first moves.
    I judge this by something that was said in “Jugghead”….Juiliet has an indirect way, throught the show, of avoiding answering questions, or people finding out things they shouldnt, by throwing her very own Benipulation into the mix.
    When Sawyer asks John “Who shot you?”
    Juliet very quicky changes the subject….
    I think this is because she knows it was Ethan who shot John in the leg as he was climbing the wall after Emi’s plane crashed.
    Ethan diddnt realize who John was at the time, but I think that later on, it was understood that this was John…Juliet had already known that they were going to timetravel, and that Ethan was going to, at some point, shoot a future John Locke.
    In all reality…if not, wouldnt she want to know who shot him?

  13. Im sorry, my third sentence is not clear…by “Juliet was most likely an other at the point when the island first moves”…I mean she was an other in the year John was shot…

  14. I was rewatching “The Cost of Living” in preparation for tomorrow nights episode. In the previews, Ben says that he came back to be judged and this is the episode dealing with Eko’s judgement. It was interesting to watch Juliet’s actions, from a new perspective. This is the episode where she plays the video for Jack. In the video she asks jack to kill Ben. Just thought that was interesting and it made me think of this post.

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