who is Eloise?

If Eloise is Ellie then we have another problem…
She is some kind of a leader in 1977 with Widmore, then in 2007 she helps BEN to return to the island. And if she had a fight or something with Widmore and now she is in Ben’s side then why she lets her son Daniel to work for Widmore? (and we know thatshe doesn’t hate her son!)

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4 thoughts on “who is Eloise?

  1. emagic, I don’t think there is any problem with Ms. Hawking. We know she is the mother of Daniel Faraday. We presume that Charles Widmore must be his father.

    While Charles and Ellie are ‘others’ on ‘the island’, they seem to be together, working towards the same things. We do not know under what circumstances they left ‘the island’, or if their relationship deteriorated, and/or how it did, once they left.

    I think both Charles and Ms. Hawking are working towards an end. However, it may or may not be the same end, or could be something in between.

    As for Ms. Hawking liking Ben! It certainly didn’t seem that way, when she spoke about him in LA, when referring to if Ben was lying. And, Ben did not know where to find her. Widmore did!

    We do not know the present status of her relationship with Widmore.

  2. I don’t think that Charles and Ellie are lovers or anything like that. I think that they are brother and sister. When Charles tells Richard that he escaped from Locke and then ran off (during the time skips), Ellie makes some smart comment. Charles says, “Shut up Ellie”. It was more like a sibling thing, like something that I would say to my brother or sister. Not much evidence, but it just “felt” that way to me. I am also not sure that I believe that Eloise is Daniel’s mother. Why do we know that? Because Charles Widmore gave Eloise’s name to Desmond. I wouldn’t believe anything Widmore said to me after he manipulated me into going to the island and losing 4 years of my life, but that is all Des has to go on. When Des delivered his message, Eloise said, “But I am helping them.” I don’t believe any of the things that Eloise said in the “lamppost”. I think that it was all just a bunch of bunk to give the losties a “plausible” explanation of how she knows that 816 is the plane that takes them to the island. I think that she knows that they have to be on 816 because Sayid will tell her that in the PAST. Sayid will give her the date and flight number of the plane that they are on. Ellie will leave the island or be tricked off and will know that in the future she needs to get the losties onto that flight.

  3. I think Ellie and Charles had to be lovers because a-who would Daniel’s father be and b-why would the leader of the other’s share power with a sister. However it’s pretty clear that they had a falling out. Ellie is working with Ben in the future and Ben tricked Charles off the island, maybe with her help. When he tells her to shut up it could have been before they were lovers (maybe she decided to “love” him when he became the leader).

    I think that whatever Daniel is doing back in 1977 involves her and maybe both of them leaving the island. After all he is her son and she wasn’t concerned for his health because she had met him in the past.

  4. she lets Daniel work for her old lover because he is his father and wouldn’t hurt him and she also knows that is how it is ‘supposed’ to happen so he can get to the island and go back into the past to meet her.

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