is hurley, dave?

does anyone else think that dave , hurleys imaginary friend, is actually hurley from another timeline/life? The same dave who is the deceased husband of libby? the same one who bought the boat “elizabeth” that desmond used to get to island?

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15 thoughts on “is hurley, dave?

  1. Ummm, not really… I’m not a fan of the alternate reality / other life theories… but apart from that, wouldn’t he look the same as Hurley? I mean, if he were Hurley from another timeline…

  2. I love when things like this bother highbrow, but I must agree.
    I at least acknoledge the possibility of alternate timelines, but I cannot see this being true.
    If Dave is for some reason ever explained, it may be because he is one of the people Hurley killed on the dock..possibly even Libbys deceased husband “David”…but I really dont think we will ever find out.

  3. Well, it’s been pretty well established that finding out that everything has just been Hurley’s imagination would bug the hell out of about 99% of Lost viewers.

  4. They wouldn’t do it…..but wouldn’t it be awesome if on the DVD set for Season 6 they HAD alternate endings….like Wayne’s World! I’d love to see the Scooby Doo ending!

  5. Hmmmm….I don’t think Sawyer is Shaggy….maybe Hurley. Scooby could be Charlie (I miss Charlie!)…maybe Vincent ran in the temple and he’s Smokey, after all…hmmmmm

  6. Nah. Vincent is definately Scooby. He shows up and something scary happens then he’s nowhere to be found. That would make Charlie Shaggy ‘cuz they hung a bit (not to mention the obvious … ). Kate could be Daphnie – but there is no woman smart enough to be Zelma on this show (though they are annoying enough to be her.) I wonder who Ben is behind that mask …

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