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Kimberly posted a comment on A.E.S.’s theory Just a theory. It is very interesting and I, like her, wonder why no one wants to chat about this. I haven’t seen this really discussed in depth anywhere else besides her comment so this is a place for it to happen. What I start out with is basically a reply to her comment so everyone should go read her comment before posting here.

Locke’s encounter with Smokey definitely shows that their was something going on with him and the island.

Richard did meet Locke in 1954 and Locke did tell him that he was sent by Jacob, which i’m sure made Richard think that he was important. Also, the fact that Locke disappeared right in front of his eyes had to make Richard think that Locke was somehow special or important.

So here’s where the speculation starts. Richard obviously has more knowledge about the island than anyone else. And I think he has control over Smokey. Smokey inhabits the temple and Richard can apparently come and go there as he pleases. So, if Richard meets Locke and thinks he is special, could he tell Smokey not to hurt Locke (however you would try to tell Smokey something) because he is special, or tell him to make Locke an other?

Locke is the only one of the losties that encountered Smokey and came back happy. He actually didn’t even really run away from Smokey, he just kind of stood there ready to take anything that was coming. After he encounters Smokey he also seems changed and starts believing the island wants him to do things. Why would he do this?

He seems to have found his destiny or found what he has been looking for his entire life.

The only reason I can think of this happening is because he has “Always” been an other. But, was he made an other in the past, future, or when he first encountered Smokey on the island?

The reason I suggest this is because of what Richard says and because of what Locke did as a child. First off, Richard tells Sawyer and Kate that once you become an other you are ALWAYS an other. Always does not mean from this time forward, always means always, as in past, present and future. This is why I think John drew pictures of Smokey as a child. If he became an “other” when he encountered Smokey or any other time in the past or future that we have not seen he would then have always been an other. Not that I think this makes him know the future (at least the future from our viewpoint), it just makes him have some things deep inside of himself that are innate, almost like instincts. He just knows about Smokey, but not necessarily what Smokey is.

This is why he doesn’t fear Smokey the first time he sees him. There is something inside of him that causes him to not want to run away. All the feelings of his destiny are a consequence of him being an other, things just feel right to him, he knows he is on the island because he “is supposed to do something.”

Locke is undoubtedly special. He is the next in line to become the leader of the others, but wouldn’t you have to be an other to lead them?

Thank you Kimberly for making me think. Sorry if you didn’t want me to make a theory out of this you just had something good to say and I couldn’t let it go, and sorry if I butchered your thoughts!

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19 thoughts on “Smokey/Locke inspired by Kimberly

  1. NMB – WOW!

    Thank you for taking the time to think about something that evidently not many other people want to explore…which I think is just really strange considering the very significant encounter between Richard, young Ben and Smokey’s ‘temple’ last week.

    Well, even if it is just you and I on this one, I think you have really done justice putting a plausible scenario together as to Locke’s connection to the island. I really like how you expanded the “always” term here, because as we are now seeing – time and references to it are actually quite important on this very non-linear Lost timeline.

    I think it’s very possible that the reason when Locke stared down Smokey, that it’s because Smokey exists outside of time constraints, so has a recognition of who and what Locke is, despite the fact that Locke hadn’t technically experienced his timetravels yet.

    This is good. I would love to see this played out soon, and then we can come back and say, “So anyone want to talk about Locke and Smokey? Oh yeah, we did already…” 😉

    Thanks NMB. It’s always fun to find another kindred thinker out there!

  2. NMB, I can’t believe I totally missed this theory! Thank goodness kimbelry spotted it. I will have to pay attention to how quickly theories move around here.

    Both of you have come up with some very good thoughts here, which I think are relevant in terms of why Locke sees something ‘beautiful’, and other people only see death.

    Two things which I think are relevant are, the idea that Locke has always been an ‘other’, and that he always had the smoke monster in his memory, because of this.

    Makes sense to me. Once again, I apologize for missing this, NMB. Better late than never!

  3. This all makes some kind of stupid sense…Kimberly did it to me too…meet me on Dabs theory, I am trying to build this there…and I dont even know if it makes sense, but if Dabs theory is correct, there may be something else…

  4. Hope you can see through these various discussions that there is no ‘butchering’ here…

    I think there are so many different factors to take into account now with Smokey.

    One thing I hope AES adds into whatever theory he’s writing (and I post this comment here so I can remember to bring it up again) is that I think “Whatever Happened, Happened” had the distracting decoy (although valuable) of the conversation center around Miles and Hurley. They knew this timetravel/change stuff would be the big thing, and it obviously is, BUT I think it was a wonderful way to keep us NOT thinking about Smokey’s influence on past events and our characters.

  5. I completely agree. The writers are very smart people. They know how to draw our attention away from certain things and then BOOM… they give us some new revelation that completely makes us rethink the way everything on Lost is coming together.

    This coming episode looks as though it just might do that!

  6. What about when Locke was dragged away by the Smoke Monster and Jack and Kate saved him by throwing the dynamite down the hole,why would Smokie of tried to take him?

  7. Hey LookingAmbiguous,

    Here’s my thought on that…

    Time and time again we have seen things on this show be not exactly what they appear to be first time around…this pursuit of John by Smokey could not necessarily have been an attack to kill him as much as connection with him…whether it was looking into John, evaluating John, sharing knowledge with John, etc.

    So perceptions have usually been that Smokey comes to kill and destroy, but perhaps now that we know – via both Robert’s experience and now Ben’s – is that Smokey has purposes that affect and change people to serve the island’s (or ‘greater’) purposes. (Greater not necessarily being ‘better’ or ‘good’.)

  8. LookingAmbigous, I don’t see what happened with Locke and the smoke monster as being an attack, although it may have looked that way.

    Locke was not afraid, and I doubt it was going to hurt him. Change him, perhaps or show Locke something!

  9. Locke wanted to be let go, for better or worse…he told Jack to let go. That it would be Ok.
    Kim…I missed that part on misdirection. Though I am a strong believer in it…please add anything to that for the cause.

  10. You are all true,Locke did say to let him go and i didn’t feel that it was necessarily an attack but i just wonder what drives Smokie in both senses of the word.

    Also when Ben calls Smokie in ‘The shape of things to come’ he tells them all to run as far from Smokie as possible and when Ben goes in the direction of Smokie for Alex,John asks him what is he doing as if to say its dangerous in what you could call perhaps cautious fear.

    Whats Smokies train of thought,is it temperamental as in once it starts killing can it not stop?

  11. LookingAmbiguous, do you think it’s possible that when the smoke monster is summoned ‘to do a job’, for lack of a better term, it may know its mission beforehand?

    Also, the smoke monster ‘judges’, that is part of its function.

    I think when Ben summoned it, to go after Keamy and company, it knew what its mission was. It has and inherent intelligence of its own, and acts accordingly to either protect, kill, or observe and store information for evaluation!

  12. think maybe at the time, Ben feels the same way John does about smokie during his encounter? BEN then leaves the island…kills john…and returns for judgement…

  13. Oh, no no, not that he was afraid, the exact opposite.
    He wasnt afraid of the monster, for whatever reason, be it that he knew somehow he ould live past this point, or that he knows that in the ‘eyes’ of the monster, he has done nothing worthy of being attacked.
    He isnt afarind when he goes to pay a final visit to Alex…call it shock and awe, or a sign of faith, he wasnt afraid.

    He was afraid of the guns, leading me to believe that he knew he could be caught, but when smokie came tearing out, he showed no fear at all.

    And damn it highbrow, who am I supposed to have make me over analyze everything if you just keep agreeing with me/us…

    I need that here, you truly keep me on my toes, so please, find something other than those two magic words that I am trying so hard to not say, and tell me Im wrong…

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