Do you think the incident created smokey?

I don’t know if someone has already asked and/or answered this,

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4 thoughts on “Do you think the incident created smokey?

  1. In Dead is Dead we saw where the smoke monster came out of… it seemed to have been made just for that. As a way for smokey to get out of wherever he hangs out… So I think that the smoke monster was around much, much earlier than the incident.

  2. What a mystery this is. But you can’t help but wonder where did the SMOKE come from. We know that there are special places scattered around the Earth that have special/magical qualities(According to Hawking and Roses adventure on the sweet Honeymoon Bernard took her on). My guess on how the Island, and the SMOKE formed, Is that there was a serious destined/ purposed filled Volcano in one of the spots.

  3. Dun da da dah…I agree with Highbrow.

    It sure looked like there were old images of Smokey-ish drawings on the walls last night.

    I just think Smokey has been around a lot longer, like Richard.

  4. My whole vision of the Island is that it was formed the way I mentioned at a date that was appropriated to the Flow of time. If that makes any sense. I guess what I mean is pick any past time,, 1000 years ago 14.5 billion years ago, whenever. It was just created in this manner.

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