I would remember the man who took my child – wouldn’t you..?

Written on 10th April

why on Earth wouldn’t Danielle remember the man who stole her baby-girl in the middle of the night, right in front of her eyes. The first time we see Ben/Henry Gale at the time, it is in the net of Danielle, caught like a fish. Now, I can’t remember how hard it was or not – to make out that face while still in the net. But after Danielle shoots him and he’s lying down, I’d say she got a pretty good shoo…. view of him. Now, 16 years of of solitary delusion and madness or not – I would remember the face of the man who stole my baby. And I would use him to get it back.. or if all hope is lost – take my revenge on him for doing so.. Wouldn’t you also..? But Danielle doesn’t seem to.. She simply identifies him as “One of Them” and hands him over to Sayid. I never thought Ben personally took baby-Alex away, I always believed someone did that for him, but now we know that weren’t the case at all.. It wasn’t a quick glimpse, it was more of a staredown.. She saw him… but doesn’t seem to remember.. Doesn’t that strike anyone else as a little odd..?

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3 thoughts on “I would remember the man who took my child – wouldn’t you..?

  1. This is one of those things that we need to accept when watching an evolving TV show. when that episode was shot, the actor playing ben was only in for a short stint, they weren’t planning on him becoming the ben we know and love. that’s why danielle doesn’t recognise him in that scene, she wasn’t supposed to.

    Now i think they will come up with something to cover this in future episodes, but for now it is just one of those things.

  2. I really thought she made some comment that it was in fact Ben, not using his name, but ‘him’ or ‘he’…
    could be wrong, Ill dig up some dirt, and let you know what I find.

  3. Im kinda new to all this, but I’ve actually expanded, or perhaps rather evolved this question to an entire chain of theories – Lockes surviving, Danielles memory and What Ben is really saying

    Let me know what you think about that

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