Lockes surviving, Danielle’s memory and what Ben is really saying..

There’s been a lot of theorising and about Ben’s memory – whether he remembers our Losties or not – which is a good question indeed.. Ben’s deveious nature makes it almost impossible to Tell so far.. Therefore we’ll have to hold our breath a little longer still. And besides, I have my own theory about that which I will explain later, but first. But what about Danielle..? I can’t remember it being stated before, so I’ve always thought that Ben had someone take baby Alex on his behalf. I never thought he did it himself, am I wrong, please Tell me.. Because I find it really strange that Danielle doesn’t seem to remember Ben.. Alone for 16 years of delusion and madness or not – I would still remember the face of the man that stole my baby girl from me, especially after getting such good look, wouldn’t you as well? I do know that her memory has been brought up before, regarding her encounter with Jin, but I actually don’t think we can make anything out of that. I can’t recall Jin and Danielle ever really integrating in 2004, she might have seen him in the camp or something but didn’t pay much attention to him.. But the face of Benjamin Linus – the man who really took her everything should be burned into her memory forever. And still, when Ben finds his way into one of Danielle’s traps, she just handed him over to Sayid simply identifying Ben as “One of Them” First of all, I for one would either try to trade him for my daughter back – or if all hope is lost: let my revenge fall upon him.. Danielle does neither.. She just gives him away…or did she really..? Haven’t many of us wondered exactly how Ben ended up in Danielle’s net..? And yes, I know that she shoots him down – with an arrow no less.. But it isn’t lethal. now, is it..? And besides, why the Hell does he run..? Ben knows who Danielle is for sure, and whether she remembers him or not – he should expect an arrow in his back, if he’s truly stupid enough to turn it against her. Now, one could say that he ran off, afraid that Danielle indeed WOULD remember him any time and flip out, but I don’t know.. Could it also be that she was actually helping Ben..? If I’m not misstaking, Ben eventually Tells Locke(down in the hatch I think) the reason he came was to get him, Because John is “One of the Good Guys” If getting Locke was his mission(which, in spite of Ben’s lying nature, actually might be true) then he would need a way in.. It’s possible that he approached Danielle with a proposal, to infiltrate the Losties, The arrow being a part of this. After all, Ben has proved time after time, that he can take a hit, he’s not afraid of pain. Come to think of it, I don’t think any other character has been through as much pain and beating as Ben. Besides, he knew Jack would be there to help out and patch him up, of course. If she does this for him she’ll get Alex back. Honest or not, we know that Ben eventually does indeed so, when he Tells Alex that he’s going to turn her over to the Losties, and thus, her Mother, which he knows is affiliated with Danielle, but he leaves that part out. When they do meet for the first time Ben is the one who breaks the ice with something like: Alex, this is your Mother.. Could I be on to something, or is this too crazy, even for Lost..? As for Bens memories, I’m beginning to think that he’s always known the Losties.. Something stuck with me from the moment he said it, when Alex asked him why he just wouldn’t let the Losties leave.. He almost cried out desperately: “Because I cant!” To me, along with other things he’s said, that always sounded like: “Dammit, why doesn’t anyone listen to me – I REALLY can’t let them leave!” I’ve always felt really strongly about this ever since Through the Looking Glass. We don’t know exactly how things will play out even if most people hide behind the Whatever happened – Happened foundation upon which so much clearly seems to rest. However, we still only have Faradays word on it. And even if it is/were true maybe it doesn’t always was/have to/will be. As we also know there are atleast one wildcard we all love -Desmond, whom I’m sure will get back on track with destiny/and, or perhaps rather – free will, you know what I mean;) His part in this story is nowhere near over, and Bens attempt on Dessies life, as well as thretening that of Penny’s – Desmond may finally realize that the Island isn’t done with him. Besides, if/when he decides to go back, he knows of two key players that will surely aid him – Eloise Hawking and Whidmore. Hawking for reasons we have yet to fully understand(the greater good of all – feels ok by me) and Whidmore if nothing else – simply to aid in the destruction of Ben(I do however not trust Whidmore any more than I trust Ben – to me it was clear that Charles was banished by his own doing, breaking the rules. Ben surely had his hand in it – but from their parting words at the dock, it sounds nothing like Charles was “tricked” into leaving). I don’t think Desmond is far behind, that’s for sure. Anyway, I think the reason Ben couldn’t let the Losties leave was because they still had things to do, things they had to, were supposed to do in order for one or many things to get in motion, the Donkey Wheel perhaps(We don’t know how far the neccecary chain of events stretch or how important the Losties part in it may have been, but.. One thing with this theory That bothered me for a while was the fact that Ben then, so suddenly, after being rescued by Richard from Keamy changed about it: What was the arrangement? They help us save you, we let them off the Island.. “Fair enough” Surprised, Kate asks nervously, “So we can go… off the Island? That’s it?” “That’s it..”At first I thought, what the Hell, was he BS’ing all the time, but recently I got to think that doesn’t have to be the case. It could have been that their part for then was just over, they’d reached their present destination. And if Ben does indeed remember them and perhaps know about course-correction(and or other things we have yet been revealed to) He would know that the Losties came to Dharmaville three years apart, wouldn’t he. The fact is Ben seems to know a thing or two about the Islands time qualities. When checking in at the Hotel after moving the wheel he aks for the date, and then himself adding 2005..? which the clerk confirms So for whatever reason, Ben seemed to know that he had traveled ten months, which I have yet to figure out how, as I thought the distance in time travelled would be random, especially/or at least – when the wheel gets stuck and go all skipping on their asses. But Ben knew(And it could of course be a predetermined course/distance since the exit seem to be, but I’m gonna put my Heart into this and will go after anything that can keep it rolling)he would travel 10 months. And when he sees Sayid on the TV at the hotel I wouldn’t call the expression on his face – surprised, I just rewatched it, it’s hard to Tell what he’s feeling, but it doesn’t strike me as surprise, if so then he has an even better pokerface than we all already give him welldeserved credit for. Especially since there was no one there to keep a straight face for. He may have decided from the moment he heard the orders were to move the Island – to turn the wheel himself. Knowing the consequences – he thus realized that he himself would be the one actually responible for bringing them back, and them ending up with the Dharmas – which ties in to why Ben so quickly changed his mind about allowing them to leave so sudden. What happened between his conversation with Alex “Because I can’t!”(Through the Looking Glass) and simply letting them go “Is that it..?”(There no place like Home) The answer is their orders. Just the night before letting them go Ben finds out the Island is to be moved. And that’s why it doesn’t really matter anymore, they will come back in anyway, he knows this, he will be an active part of it, and that can’t(or can it) be changed.

Also, do you remember just before that, when Locke Ben and Hurley were looking for Jacobs cabin and they had to stop at the Dharma Mass-grave, Hurley asks: “So this is where you shot Locke and left him for dead huh? Yes, Hugo, I was standing right where you’re standing now when I pulled the trigger. I should have realized at the time that it was pointless. I really wasn’t thinking clearly.” “At the time..” He Knew John couldn’t possibly die as he would survive to travel through time and do his thing. And even if Richard and the rest of the Others didn’t Tell Ben about Locke, I’m sure at least Ethan would have, after shooting him in the jungle.. So really, in by all logic and reason Ben should know(If not the Losties themselves, then he at least know OF them – Locke if no one else) However, in times of frustration Ben and John both have shown to act irrationally on their feelings, to lose control every once in a while. Ben acknowledges this without them even knowing it by basically saying that sometimes you snap and go against logic you know to be true. And as I strongly believe Ben to lie about his knowledge of John resurection: “I’m gonna miss you John..” planning to off him again, playing Ceasar against him(Since Ben obviously had no problem getting the shotgun from Ceasar, there were no real need to go so hardcore-lying on his ass.) unless, in spite of his own claims really were going to use Ceasar but then decided he needed Locke for a while longer. But as Alex/Cerberus/Smokie/the Monster(whatever you’re comfortable with) so clearly states, he was indeed planning on taking John life once again. Why would he..? Because NOW he can – John has already done his time in the past(as far as me know anyway, there so Telling when/where/if our Losties will reunite) And because John is no longer protected by time – Cerberus(My own favorite) must step in its place to make sure John is safe – making clear beyond anything else to Ben that if he doesn’t let go now, he will be dstroyed. And when facing John again Ben states that “It let me live..” Rather than “It forgave me..” I’m not sure whether Ben was forgiven or not – it may be that Ben is temporarily spared out of neccesity, served to John as a follower, or pawn perhaps even.. Anyway, that’s all I have for know. Please give me you imput, help me build a case or poke a hole in it, I’d love to hear everybodys thoughts..

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8 thoughts on “Lockes surviving, Danielle’s memory and what Ben is really saying..

  1. Hi i didnt have time to read all of it, but waht i did read are some things ive thought about. Regarding Ben, he was originally only supposed to be in Lost for a few episodes but due to his acting skills was given the role we now know. I dont know if this has anything to do with Danielle not remembering him but if he was only supposed to be in a few episodes he probably wasnt the one in the original script that took the baby.
    Youre right she shouldve remembered him.

  2. That makes sense, Michael Emerson is indeed a kick ass actor.. However, that doesn’t mean that the creators, Lindelof and Cuse – wouldn’t have to adress the matter, and weive it into the storyline. Otherwise it leaves a huge gap. I know that we’ll have to accept some loose threads, but this one would really bother me – we’re talking about a life altering moment- probably the absolutely worst ever – simply forgotten.. C’mon, really..?

  3. Danielle should have remembered Ben. Under normal circumstances she would have. Unfortunately she’s a crazy lady who was forced to shoot her baby-daddy and live alone on an island for many years.

  4. The thing is though, with insanity I think, is that you are robbed of the things/memories/feelings you had before, up until the point of you broke apart.. Danielle being insane, to me, don’t seem like a probable cause as to why she wouldn’t remember Ben, rather the oposite.. Like I said, I would think that she’s been obsessing about her baby girl since that night.. She took Auron for trading, didn’t she..? So she would remember Alex but the man who took her would be obscured in her memory, doesn’t sound plausible to me at all..

  5. Hahaha, thanks.. Well of course, I wouldn’t bother posting a theory I felt had holes(too big, anyway..)in them. And truth is, I feel really strong about this.. I didn’t at first, thinking – “Nah, give it a rest, you can’t read in to everything.. not even in Lost” But then I thought – screw that, it might not(most probably isn’t) turn out to be true. But I’ve made my case, and I actually feel that it holds up. I’m most likely wrong, but if so, then the writers have their work cut out for them, they have to adress the “problem” or so I feel at least..

  6. I agree with your theory 100%. Ever since the losties ended up back in the 70s, I thought ‘Boy, that sure would explain how/why Ben seemed to know everything about the losties up to that point.’

    Some speculate that the writers tried to weasel out of this with the Alpert line “he won’t remember this,” but I think Alpert was only speaking about the fact that Katawyer had brought Ben to Alpert. Since the next episode shows Widmore talking to a recuperating Ben, who still has on his bandages, it would seem logical that Ben would realize/know someone shot him. Maybe Alpert & co. fill him in, or Ben learns it later from the 70s losties themselves. Either way, I think Ben knows Sayid shoots him as a kid

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