Another possible take on ‘what lies beneath the statue’

So I do not believe this to be the case, but I just wanted to rule out everything about this riddle we have spent most of our time analyzing.

As to ‘what lies beneath the statue’ what if we thought of it as “WHO lies beneath the statue”? Someone could have been burried under the statue that means a lot to the island. Someone like Hanso.

Just a thought.

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5 thoughts on “Another possible take on ‘what lies beneath the statue’

  1. It’s a good thought, cappayne!

    I tend to think it may not be a case of who, but what!

    mojo makes a good point about the statue. I think that I recall the writers saying it was approximately 400 feet tall, or something like that!

    It could mean that we are all being misled, which wouldn’t be the first time, the writers did that.

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