Miles and 3.2 million

I remember a scene where Miles asks ben for 3.2 million from Ben. Cannot recall details. Does anybody remember. Anyhow, the amount of 3.2 million came up in “Some like it Hoth” last night. I’m guessing this is not a coincidence. Anybody have any theories on this?

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3 thoughts on “Miles and 3.2 million

  1. Yeh i remeber when miles asked ben for 3.2 million and everyone was saying it was a code because why 3.2 and not 3.3 and everyone had theories on it and now it is just double the amount of money that widmore is paying him and no more than that, glad it has been resolved really

  2. I think it may also have something to do with his identifying which side Ben is on. Bram told him they weren’t going to pay him anything. If Ben was on Bram’s side, maybe he would mention that conversation.

  3. I found this on Lostpedia…
    Miles claimed his mission on the Island was to capture Benjamin Linus, but later offered to tell his employer that Ben was dead in exchange for $3.2 million (double what Widmore offered him).

    Ok, I think there are 3 sides battling… Ben, Widmore and whoever Bram works for. It would be nice if someone could name the Teams and who belongs to which team.

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