A Question about Ellie’s statement to Daniel Faraday in 1954

AES just reminded me of a statement made by young Eloise Hawking to her son Daniel Faraday in 1954, during the scene in Jughead.

She says; “You just couldn’t stay away, could you”?

Richard Alpert was not aware of John Locke or anyone else for that matter in 1954. This was his first time meeting John Locke, and based upon their conversation, the reason why he pursues John throughout the course of his life.

So how do we explain Ellie’s obvious knowledge of Daniel’s life, to have made this strange statement in 1954?

Have I missed something logical?

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48 thoughts on “A Question about Ellie’s statement to Daniel Faraday in 1954

  1. I just read through lostpedia and for the first time realized that the young blonde hostile with Faraday in 1954 IS Ellie. We know this because Richard calls her Ellie. I also realized that Faraday recognizes Ellie … she keeps asking who he is, so obviously she knows he’s been to the island, but doesn’t know it is her son:


    [Ellie keeps an eye on Faraday, and he keeps an eye on her as they walk through tall grass.]

    ELLIE: Why do you keep looking at me?

    FARADAY: No, no, I’m–I’m not. I–

    ELLIE: You are.

    FARADAY: You know what? You’re right. I’m–I’m sorry. It’s just… you look so much like… someone I used to know.

    ELLIE: Someone other than the girl you just professed your love for? Well, aren’t you the Romeo.

    FARADAY: Far from it, believe me.

    [She stops walking, and Daniel turns around.]

    ELLIE: I don’t believe you, by the way. You may have Richard fooled, you can’t really expect me to believe that you, a British woman and a Chinese man are all members of the United States military. Who are you and what are you doing on our island?

    FARADAY: You wanna know who I am?

    [Faraday approaches her, and she backs up.]

    FARADAY: I’m your best chance at disarming that bomb.


    Very interesting … obviously the writers are making an emphasis on the relationship between these two, who Dan is, and why they know each other. I think, according to another’s comments, that Dan is part of the crew that brought the jughead. At the very least we know he was on the island before 1954, while they were building the Orchid, whenever that takes place, and also in 1974, and 1977. And of course 2004. There is obviously something special about Dan’s jumping through time.

  2. Thanks, mojo it is been made clear that young Ellie, and Ms. Hawking aka Eloise are the same individual. She is the mother of Daniel Faraday. It is believed that Charles Widmore is his father, but it has not been quite confirmed.

    My question is, about her statement to Daniel in 1954, when they first meet on ‘the island’.

    I am hoping to somebody can provide an answer, but I suspect it may be because Ms. Hawking has her own abilities, as she demonstrated with Desmond. Just looking for a confirmation.


  3. I think Dan has been coming to the island in several different timeperiods, and that is one of the factors to his poor memory, not necessarily just radiation from the experiments. Dan forgets about some of his ‘earlier’ trips, because it is not actually the ‘younger’ Dan, he is concience travelling, hence all the experiments with Eloise…the rat, not the mother…
    Came in the 50s, the 70s (once by time travel, and once by sub), and came in 2004.

    Each time being a Faraday out of the normal order of island time.

  4. AES, I totally agree with you that Daniel has been conscience travelling.

    It makes sense that Daniel is out of the normal order of island time while he is travelling, but it still doesn’t explain how Ellie recognizes him, and makes that statement to him, unless she has ‘powers’ of her own, if that makes any sense.

    By all accounts, Daniel was not even born in 1954.

    I may not be phrasing my question properly.

  5. when it was first said, i thought wow, he was on the island before. but as the episode progressed, i believe they thought they were army people told to leave after some of them were killed, and they just couldnt stay away. the army people being a large group and not every one would be recognized by the others. also the others would assume anyone non other on the island at the time to be army.

    later on while spending time with them does she come to the conclusion that they arent army due to their races and accents. she does not hear their accents initially.

  6. Sorry for the redundancy in my earlier post, I guess that was for me.

    We don’t know who Dan’s father is, and that seems to be an important aspect on LOST – Locke, Jack, Ben, etc.

    Maybe Richard is Dan’s father, and he doesn’t age like Richard doesn’t age. And maybe Dan really is time traveling along with consciousness-jumping. After all, he doesn’t seem to be getting the same side effects that everyone else gets from being all over the time string, i.e. nosebleeds, aneurysm, so he’s either figured out how to prevent that element to the consciousness-jumping, or he’s traveling another way.

  7. Listen to ekolocation you people. Ellie thought Daniel was part of the United States army, who had been to the island recently. That’s why she said that. Simple.

  8. lost#s, I do think eko is right, for sure. She’s obviously seen him, and Richard alluded to the bomb he planted. We also know he’s spent time in the US. I just think it’s somewhat obvious that he knows the most about the scientific aspects of the island, much like Locke knows most about the faith aspect of the island, and so his role has yet to be played out all the way. He is special.

  9. In watching the episode I honestly thought she said it assuming he was a member of the military and nothing deeper than that. As we all know that could be wrong, it is often unwise to take anything in Lost at face value… but that was my first thought while watching the episode as well.

  10. yeah…why would she say you couldn’t stay away, and then when they are alone later not ask him why he came back, or about the first time she saw him, or even get really weirded out and pissed of when he talks about time travel

  11. ekolocation, When the episode aired, I was under the same impression as yourself, Thorn, and Angus.

    Due to something AES brought up, it got me thinking that perhaps Ellie’s statements to Daniel, may have been more of a personal nature.

    At any rate it was strange dialogue, which I think can be taken literally, or, was an indication of something more.

  12. yes these are just how i took it. i just thought the writers wanted us to think daniel had been at that time before because they cut to commercial right after she said that to him, but then u see daniel figuring it out.

    although i found that daniel figured it out pretty quickly and accurately, like he knew it. thats what makes me think otherwise, not what he said with ellie

  13. The writers set up a specific conversation between these two to show us a few things:
    1 – Dan has been there before 1954, and she knows it.
    2 – She doesn’t know their relationship, or about time travel – yet.
    3 – Dan may or may not know this is his mother.

    The rest is speculation. Yet I am led to believe that Dan knows Ellie is his mother, by the way he says “you wanna know who I am?”
    I think that is a foreshadowing.
    The question in my mind is what was Dan doing there before 1954? We haven’t seen that far back yet, so we don’t really know what was going on, beyond the US military trying to do some experiments on the island and creating a war with the Hostiles.

  14. ekolocation, I am definitely going to keep this in mind for future reference.

    Given the number of years Daniel Faraday was researching, and his experiments with Theresa Spencer, we clearly don’t know how many times, he has ‘consciously’ travelled to ‘the island’.

    Good thoughts, as usual.

  15. I am inclined to agree with you mojo, based upon my last comment to ekolocation, which we were simoposting.

    I was hoping people would think ‘outside the box’ on this one, even though it is speculation.

    I appreciate your input!

  16. highbrow, I agree with you, Daniel had to have recognized her.

    I am unsure at this point if, Ms. Hawking’s unique abilities were finely tuned.

    I guess that is what I am trying to ascertain.

    That is hard to do, without some speculation.

  17. its really weird…i never seem to disagree with highbrow about a single thing on lost. i cant remember even a single comment i have disagreed with. except our hot list order.

  18. I will have to re-watch the episode to see Ellie’s reaction when Dan tells her about the future. She could be surprised because she has some special powers for traveling through time already, but hasn’t honed them yet, as dabs said.
    I have to say, highbrow, you do emanate a certain sense of decorum re:Lost when we all get carried away. Maybe it is those broad shoulders evidencing themselves. You can’t hide them.
    Glad to have someone keep me in check.

  19. Eko, I’m just going to sit down on the floor and meditate on that thought for a while… My coworkers are going to get a kick out of this…

  20. darn simo-posting. highbrow, I gave you solid meaning whatever happened … and broken for AES follows suit. eko, love the complexity woven into a simple line … lol

  21. A little privacy is provided by my cubicle walls… and my cube is in the back of our little group away from the aisle… The humming might draw the attention of the guy next door though…

  22. yes. the ohm. which is supposed to be the resonant frequency of the earth i believe. that is why you are in “tune” with the earth when u meditate

  23. this is probably a re-comment, but I’m pretty sure she said that because she thinks they are part of the military.

    but if not then maybe he did travel time a lot. which would be kick ass. They’d make a spin-off show called Lost: the Faraday chronicles

  24. Wow, skimming the comments from the bottom up… Got through several before I realized you were talking about me!

    I’m no god, that’s for sure. I just have the body of one.

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