Locke and Charlie connection?

As I was watching the episode after 316 crashed, the first time we see that Locke is alive, it shows him from the back, at a campfire, with a sort of black cloth over him and his head.

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3 thoughts on “Locke and Charlie connection?

  1. Probably just trying to hold the suspense, it’s easy to pin out locke from a backview being bald and all.

    My question is did he take that hoodie from the plane, or was it given to him by someone on the island. Could this have been given to him after he was brought back to life?

  2. I’m pretty sure it was a blanket and the scene was designed to add some drama to the whole reveal of who they were talking about. Plus it made John look all Jedi-like…

  3. I think everybody is trying to look for too many details. I think the whole LOST thing will end up being a really simple solution. So no, I do not think it is any connection to Charlie.

    Although maybe Locke wanted to feel cool. 🙂

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