Where is Patchie?

So after he killed Charlie, where did Patchie go? Is he very important or not?

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Dharma Dancer

9 thoughts on “Where is Patchie?

  1. Dharma Dancer, he is dead. Who knows if we will ever see him again, in any other form, though.

    This is what Lostpedia says about him: “He perished when the grenade detonated in his hand, believing that his orders to kill Charlie were essential to the survival of the Island”.

  2. I read a really interesting theory that patchie is going to turn up in 1977 and kill Sayid. In the episode where John, Kate and Sayid set out to rescue Jack from Othersville (when he is getting ready to leave on the sub) that Mikhail (patchie) made a speech to Sayid about “one day your guard will be down and I will kill you. You should know this becausee…..(end of dialogue). He got brain fried by the sonic fence before he could finish the statement. Maybe he remembered Sayid; remembers killing him. Haven’t rewatched the epi so can’t confirm, but thought it was interesting.

  3. Great memory, and it would be really interesting if something came out of this. Though to be honest I am far too fond of Sayid to ever enjoy seeing him bumped off.

  4. Thorn I would tend to agree with you. I have been reasonably certain that Sayid will likely die this season, due to the amount of his past we’ve seen, and the fact that he has no faction…I will still be unhappy to see his demise.

    I am definitely intrigued by this, especially because it may mean that there will be more time skipping. I find it highly doubtful that Mikhail was on the Island in 1977…

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