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7 thoughts on “Does this mean that Faraday is

  1. Is Jacob dead in your opinion?

    Does WHAT mean Daniel is Faraday? Can you provide context? It is an interesting title, but I am a little confused…

  2. Did anyone else see the interveiw with Michael Emerson? In it he said by seasons end we are going to see someone we have all been introduced to but not actually met. I’m leaning toward him meaning Jacob. My two best guesses are he is either Locke, who we know can be conned, or Sawyer who likes the grand gesture like jumping out of the helicopter.

  3. I think Jacob is Jacob. I actually think he could have been on the beach at one point. There was a scene in the episode “S.O.S”. where Bernard was talking to a group of survivors about his “S.O.S.” sign and at the end of the scene it focused in on this one guy… it’s a stretch as well…

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