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Greetings fellow LOST junkies, in honor of Daniel Faraday, and in an effort to get this blog up much earlier than I usually do, I have taken the liberty of writing this week’s article as more of a rambling scribble of thoughts ‘ kind of an homage to Faraday’s journal. It’s also an experiment I’m conducting, to see if getting this up before 5PM PST, I might generate more comments during the week. Also, I was pretty impressed with some of my findings last night, and I wanted to be among the first to post them ‘ thus giving me ownership of certain thoughts and theories I have, in particular regarding the possibility of Faraday surviving that gunshot, and the importance of eating Indian food.
We’ve Seen This Before
Well now we know who the ‘majorish’ character who gets killed this season don’t we. Or do we? It looked like it might be Juliet, but knowing this was a Faraday-centric episode, as well as the 100th episode of the series I was fairly certain if anyone was going to get offed, it would be Danny Boy. But, did he really die? I wonder. I’ll address my suspicions later in the article.
Of Course Des is Fine
So Desmond is fine. He still throws a mean left man with a bullet under his heart. Glad to see he’s keeping his promise to Penny. I’m assuming since she didn’t say (although assumption is a dangerous practice with this show) that Mrs. Hawking is NOT Penny’s mom as I predicted before.
It was an episode of sacrifices. Mrs. Hawking, Charles Widmore, Daniel Faraday, and even Miles, all made some sacrifices in this episode. Mrs. Hawking finally confirms she’s Faraday’s mother, looked horrified when Penny suggested she might be Ben’s mother.
By the Way
By the way, does that Star Trek movie look amazing or what?
Knock Knock. Who’s There? Fara. Fara who? Farah Fawcett Majors. It’s 1977′ No No, Just Kidding, It’s Me, Daniel Faraday
Faraday and Miles wake Jack up, he can barely focus. Faraday tells Jack his mother made a mistake. Jack and company weren’t destined to be part of 1977 Dharma, and their future lies elsewhere. (Presumably the future) Wasn’t it dark when Miles lands? It’s bright in the morning when Faraday gets to Jack’s place. What’s up with that?
Lil Faraday braces and big ears. Faraday the sensitive child musician promises his mother he will ‘make time’ for his music. What’s the one thing every good musician possesses? Good timing.
I Love It When They Give Us a Wink
Jack knocks on his old rival’s door to announce that Faraday’s back, to which the island’s head of security quips, ‘Love to trade theories with you on this, but I don’t have the time.’ (A nice nod to message blogs/message boards like this all over the internet.)
Old Jack was peeking through again, questioning SawLaFleuryer (or whatever we’re calling him nowadays) about what could possibly be so important at 6 in the morning.
Juliet lets him in. Jack gave FleurSaLawyer (or whatever we’re calling him nowadays) a disgusted look. It took a lot of self-control for Jack not to call LaSawFleuryer out for mismanaging the tactic of beat up and kidnap.
How Many Miles to China?
Two Chinese Miles. Faraday tries to confront Dr Chang about the impending doom, and hopes to convince him with the very same logic I dropped on this very site not scant weeks ago. Basically he asked him what are the odds of two Chinese Miles on one teeny island. I hope this doesn’t mean that I’m about to be shot in the back by my 1977 mother any time soon.
Faraday demands Chang order evacuation electro magnetic energy.

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3 thoughts on “Joe’s Weekly, Lenghty, Funny LOST Blog. You’ll Probably Like It.

  1. A few things.

    Alpert can still be immortal. I personally was expecting Faraday to shoot, the gun to jam, and then I guess he gets shot by Ellie/Eloise/Mom. But I wouldn’t say that if Alpert is immortal that his people know that.

    Also, if Faraday is dead, that ruins the “he kills Radzinsky, and takes his place and becomes who Kelvin Inman thinks is Radzinsky in the swan drawing up all the maps” theory. I – a believer in that theory – was expecting Radzinsky to die in the gundown. Darn it!

    Also, you didn’t mention, but right before one of the commercials… there was a tiny clip on the screen of students running out of a school, and the text “what did you see” pops on the screen. Was that part of LOST?

  2. JoeArtistWriter, I somehow get the impression, that you may not like Radzinsky from your comments! lol

    There isn’t a death scene befitting this loser! He really presses my buttons! Imagine being locked in a close space with him! lol One of us, would be going down for the ‘big dirt nap’. lol

    I had also entertained the idea that maybe Daniel is somehow spared, and brought back to life, but I have my doubts.

    I also considered that maybe although Desmond seems to be on the mend right now, that he may take a turn for the worse!

    Overall, a very enjoyable read with lots of details.

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