Why no nosebleeds?

Nosebleed-crazy are for those who go back/forth/too near the island if they had been there before … so why didn’t Ben get them? I get the Others were always there so maybe they’re immune or something – but Ben should fall into the nosebleed thing, esp. since he went on/off quite a lot. Didja’ have to be at the time of the incident (e.g. if you can survive that you can survive anything)? Did the temple making him an Other cover this, too? This question has been driving me nuts.

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5 thoughts on “Why no nosebleeds?

  1. You don’t just have to be in the time flashes, though. Ex. People on the boat (who, admittedly could have been born on the island or Dharma kids) Daniel knew what they meant when Charlotte got ’em – and his rat died of it, too.

  2. Hmmm. Good point. Perhaps because Ben is an Other, Ben is special, or going through the Donkey Wheel portal negates the ill effects of time travel. Or perhaps it would have been an inconvenient plot device for a mysterious main character and adversary to constantly have a bloody nose or be dying of temporal disease, so the writers skipped it in his case.

  3. Oh, yeah. I forgot about the rat. Hmmm.

    Come to think of it, Locke didn’t have a nosebleed or anything, did he? If not, maybe it has something to do with the leaders?

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