Jack ‘reacting’ vs. Sawyer ‘thinking’

When sawyer asks Jack in and shows him Phil hog tied in the closet, I was dying to see Jack ask Sawyer if this was part of his master plan.

Or say something like ‘Improvising… hummnn. Is that something like reacting instead of thinking things out?’

Leadership is a bitch, ain’t it LaFleur?

But Jack has become wiser. He also forced Sawyer’s hand with regards to Kate bringing Daniel to Richard and unknowingly (?) created a deep schism between Sawyer and Juliet.

Are these two gonna make it as a couple? Sawyer never does get to answer Juliet’s question as to wether he still ‘has her back’. Juliet must really be feeling that their relationship was always one of convenience for Sawyer and one-sided.

You have to feel for her.

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10 thoughts on “Jack ‘reacting’ vs. Sawyer ‘thinking’

  1. Andre7, could it be that I hear you routing for Jack to have a comeback?

    You are right, though. Jack does seem to be more focused right now.

    Poor Juliette, I guess she will always feel ‘second’. That was the way it was in her relationship with Jack, and now she feels threatened again with Sawyer.

    She ‘coughed up’ that security fence code pretty quick, when Sawyer referred to Kate as ‘Freckles’.

  2. When Sawyer refered to Kate as Freckles, I took it as him trying to get Kate to shut up and keep her on his side and not Jack’s. And Juliet did look jealous, but i feel she knows he does love her.

  3. Dabs if you read what I wrote a few episodes back when sawyer ‘puts Jack in his place’ and again later when people accused Jack of being a bad person for sitting out and not treating Ben’s wound…

    You will find I am and have always been squarely in Jack’s corner.

    The poor guy survived a plane crash, was thrown into a life or death struggle in a weird place full of ghosts and goblins with a group of people who either turn to him to be their leader (which he never sought out) or constantly undercut his authority.

    He does the best he can with a series of difficult moral dilemmas and manages to get some of his people out.

    Add to all that a repeated appearance by his dad’s ghost. Even Hamlet didn’t have to contend with so much b**l S**t ! Or at least Hamlet had a clear cut mission of revenge.

    At this point (as of The Variable episode) I figure Jack has been clean and sober for what, five or six days? He is doing pretty good for someone trying to straighten out his act!

  4. By The Way I agree with HurleyBird the show is due to a little bit of exploitive skin-tertainment.

    I miss the days of Kate or Shanon bathing in their underwear or sun bathing or Sun stretching out in the wind.

    You have to admit Dharma coveralls are not a very appealing fashion statement.

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