LOST: Loose Ouroboros Space Time

I have always loved acronyms, although this one may need some work.

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5 thoughts on “LOST: Loose Ouroboros Space Time

  1. you make an interesting point, if dharma are really there to save mankind, why wouldn’t they just try to get the hostiles on board?

  2. yes there must be some fundamental disagreement. and i believe your idea could be correct. or maybe the supposed end of the world will be a larger scale purge. in which the “good guys” will be saved.

  3. TheLostprophet, this very issue was addressed in a theory I posted recently, entitled the Elusive Ms. Hawking.

    Please give it a read, if you’re so inclined.

    I believe it was Samson who also wrote a subsequent theory about the Ouroboros, which is also very good, if you would also like to read it.

    Great subject, and one that has a lot of merit, IMO.

  4. Thanks to everyone for the comments, first of all.

    Secondly, Dabs sorry if you feel that I may be repeating what you’ve said previously in posts, that was not my intent. I have read both of the posts you mention, by yourself and samson, and I feel that my theory is totally seperate except for mentioning an ouroboros. The fact that Ms. Hawking wears an ouroboros just reafirms this idea to me, that The Others precieve time as an ouroboros.

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