Time Loops

It seems to be that some people or maybe it could be that everyone in lost is stuck in a time loop, but they need to get saved!

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4 thoughts on “Time Loops

  1. Great examples you bring up. However, what are your thoughts on these time loops?

    I’d expect you to bring up some possible reasoning for the existence of said time loops!

    For example — the only valid reason I can think of that would tie everyone together in an effort to avoid a loop in time is if the H-bomb really does explode or some similar disaster that kills everyone (If you buy into the example:

    If this keeps happening, they’d obviously have to do something to change the past to avoid it. It explains why Daniel is trying to move everyone off of the island, but it doesn’t explain why he’s doing it in the 70’s and not in 2007 (if we’re going according to the explanation).

    My feeling is that Daniel, knowing this, is telling people one thing knowing (or at least strongly hoping) that they’ll do another.

    However, this brings other holes into the story that don’t quite have explanations.


  2. ACTUALLY, th thought of stephen hawking being in an advert for some kind of intergalactic cereal would be quite possibly the best thing ever!

    hed have a little robot to feed him it (for obvious reason)…and hed hav this futuristic wheelchair…woww…the possibilities are endless!


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