Strange Lost Theory!

Well Im going to try keep this short, becuase its only a dot of a theory which im throwing into the mix really, but it gives you something to think about.

Right, If we start from back in Episode 310 or could be 311 where the women that crashes onto the island from the helicopter tells the survivors that they have all died and they found the plane in the ocean. Now if we jump forward to Episode 514 Charles Widmore tells Daniel that he plants the plane in the Ocean as a hox which i feel is meant to make everyone believe that they are all dead so people do not bother searching for survivors. If we now skip over to another anomily no-one knows why everyone that had crashed on the Island has really detailed files on each crash victim…This certainly isn’t a coincidince. Essentially we can all use our common sense to realise that they are specially chosen subjects (Or old subjects that worked for Dharma at some point), I believe that “someone” possibly the “others” faked a plane crash and planted each one of those people at the crash site although they have been on the island for years. If we look at locke for example, The others seem to believe that he was a leader at some point in the past and as we know with time travel whatever has happened in the past cannot be changed…(This is where my theory starts)….However if they are able to wipe the minds (Memorys) of possible candidates and place the them in a new scenario, without previous knowledge of there past they may be able to create a new future…..(Hense one of the episodes names Tera Rasa meaning Blank Slate)….Which is a theory created by a man called John Locke back in the 18th century (Wiki it).

So by Ben sending them back into the past they are able to relive their lives without changing there known fate for there own benefits..(Which as we know Desmond can).

Now i know this theory has MANY MANY wholes in it, but in theory so does everyones lol. I aint a hardcore lost fan but I know that by linking up a number of similar stories that it sort of makes sense.

But check this out: (French women who crashed on the island)

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6 thoughts on “Strange Lost Theory!

  1. Well let me re-phrase what I mean by that.

    When I say they have been on the island for “years”, I mean they have been on the Island years before they crash landed. As Daniel says Time is a straight line (Apart for a few people) And whatever has happened has “Happened”….So in theory everyone working for Dharma at the current time i.e. Sawyer, Jack etc etc…..They would 1977 or whatever it is would have had to as it was part of there past, Now they might have gone home after this period lived there lives like normal and not remembered, And when they all got on the plane and crash landed they were just coming back again for a second time, but as they had no memory of being there previously they are able to change the outcome.

  2. Terra = Earth – Dirt
    Rasa = Shallow – Empty
    Tabula = Table – Slate

    So it’s Tabula Rasa, meaning clean slate, starting from a empty table or without pre-conceived notions about anything, blank state of mind, etc.

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