Ben remembers the Losties from childhood

In 5×14 we saw Daniel warning little Charlotte not to come back to the island.
30 years later, adult Charlotte remembers this, but Daniel doesn

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2 thoughts on “Ben remembers the Losties from childhood

  1. I myself was hoping that Ben remembered everyone from the past but unfortunately I don’t think your logic in this instance is accurate. It goes back to what Miles was saying to Hurley, Daniel didn’t remember talking to Charlotte because even though it occurred thirty years ago it hadn’t happened yet for him. Thirty years ago is Charlotte’s past and Daniel’s future. Same with the Losties, the first time they met Ben is when he was Henry Gale, and later they time traveled back and met him when he was a kid, although this latter meeting occurred 30 years in the past, to the losties it occurred after the Henry Gale meeting. So its not an issue of memory, the events that occurred in the eyes of Faraday and the losties just hadn’t occurred yet.

  2. Daniel didn’t remembered saying that to Charlotte simply because that was in his future and Charlotte’s past.

    This is a major clue regarding that everything still going according to plan and Daniel haven’t done anything differently and hasn’t changed anything.

    Ben doesn’t remember being shot by Saeed because Richard says so when Kate and Sawyer deliver Ben to Richard to be healed in the temples “the writers” know by what.

    But even without remembering that he has access to Richard which knows pretty much everything that happened by that time. Having that kind of information was enough to allow him to use that so nothing was changed during his infancy.

    If he hadn’t pushed all the losties to extremes in the current days, Jack would have made his surgery and he wouldn’t be an “other” and things would be completely changed.

    He was just making sure that things went according to what they should.

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