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I read Dharma Dancer’s (I think that was the name) question about the notes and was wondering how many times have you guys watched the different seasons of Lost? I’ve seen the first season at least 7 times and the second at least 5. Just wondering…

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My sister got me started on the show. She now hates it with a firey passion and is ready to punch me in the face anytime I mention it. I guess she's not cool enough for it. My favorite characters are Sawyer, Hurley, Charlie, and Desmond.

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  1. I’ll be honest, I never watched a single episode of Lost until a few months ago. I picked it up because there was a lull in shows and movies and watched the entire series in very short time. I think before season 6 starts I’ll do the same thing, just to see what comes up fresh.

  2. ive seen each episode about 2 times. some 4. one or two episodes i didnt know i missed and went back and saw them. 7 times. nice. ill catch up eventually

  3. Cookiesgalore! I love this question ! This is the fun section, after all…

    Apart from their original broadcasts, I watched seasons 1-3 about three times each in english and once each in french… (my 7 yr. old is a big fan and I did not want him watching the scary parts alone).

    I watched season four three times total and season five twice. Once live and once in ‘review’ mode. I am watching the first episodes in french now as they are begining to be broadcast in Canada on thursday nights.

    I also watched different episodes or parts of episodes when someone posts an interesting theory and I want to fact check what they write about.

    In the case of “Flashes Before Your Eyes” and “The Constant” I have seen those at least an additional three or four times.

    Crazy enough for you?

  4. Watching it in French is crazy enough for me. I’m not so good with other languages so for someone to watch a TV show in French is freaking amazing to me… and I wish I lived in Canada (has nothing to do with anything but oh wells…) So… my counts go something like:
    Season 1: 7ish
    Season 2: 5ish
    Season 3: 3ish
    Season 4: 2ish
    Soon-to-be-complete Season 5: 1

    Do any of you have a favorite season? My favorite is season 2.

  5. cookiesgalore23, you just made me realize my own addiction to Lost! lol

    I watch every episode twice, then re-watch the entire seasons again, before the air-date of the upcoming season!

    I really like the earlier seasons, because of all of the possibilities and mysteries they held. The show has come a long way, since then!

  6. I do that too. I watch every season before a new season begins. It’s really weird watching the first and second seasons because everything was so simple and calm compared to what’s happening now.

  7. cookiesgalore23, yes ‘the days of innocence’. It was simple, yet complicated, compared to the ‘wild times’, we are currently seeing.

  8. Favorite: Season 3.

    With all its ups (Charlie’s sacrifice, getting into the devious minds of Juliet and Ben, “Flashes Before Your Eyes”and meeting the divine Ms. Hawking, “The Man Behind The Curtain” and Ben’s ultimate perfidity, the glimpse of Jacob, Sawyer losing at Ping Pong and ultimately the season closer with the reveal of Jack’s flash foreward) and its downs (Nikki and Paulo) and frustrations (the cheap cliffhanger just before the December hiatus).

    Yup. Season 3.

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