ship in a bottle?

anyone else think that this is a sign that we haven’t seen the last of the black rock? it just seemed like a random thing for richard to be doing (building a ship in a bottle) if there wasn’t anything deeper behind it. And boy, did they spend a loooong time zoomed in on that ship…

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3 thoughts on “ship in a bottle?

  1. Yeah it def felt like a classic bit of foreshadowing… which the writers are fond of… “Remember Jack, any one of us can die.” Yeah.

  2. A ship in the bottle has possibly more representative qualities than just what you bring up as well… its basically a perfect metaphor for religious beliefs, God constructing the world/universe and watching over it… the island itself can be the ship in the bottle, existing in its own reality/controlled bubble.

    But yes, the Black rock must come back… too many questions left.

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