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We know that there are two groups on the island. “The Others”, and Dharma Initiative. Saying that the others are the egyptians from ancient times. We know there are tunnels that the egyptians created underground like the Dharma initiative have built connecting the island. It’s a similarity. Cause the ruins from the egyptians are all underground as well. We know there’s a truce between Dharma initiative and the others to obviously obtain some goal. What if this is bigger than the ancient egyptians as we all keep seeing references to. What if the others came to the island for the exact same reasons as the dharma initiative have. To control the entity on the island, or possibly obtain it’s powers.

This would explain why there is a truce between the two groups. If you had been trying for thousands of years wouldn’t you want to try something different? After all it seems kind of weird that Richard didn’t know how to stop a nuclear bomb. I mean if he’s immortal, maybe he’d have some kind of knowledge towards that end. But we know he doesn’t have a clue. So he followed ones advice to bury it in order to stop it. Maybe this is why he ordered a truce with the Dharma initiative because Richard knew that these people had a collective knowledge of everything learned across the world over a few thousand years and maybe could help.

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  1. Richard doesn’t seem to know alot of things… including things he SHOULD know, since he lived through them. Which makes me think ol’ Richard has a time travel related memory loss problem. Egyptians built tons of stuff above ground, and quite a bit of it was destroyed. Below ground was almost strictly reserved for burial tombs, even the “great pyramids” only have FAKE burial chambers, with the actual burial chambers lying below ground level deep underneath the pyramids. Temples were all built above ground, although a handful were carved into cliff faces.

  2. Well we all think that Richard and his band of others knows what’s going on in the island, but what if they are as clueless as the Dharma initiative. And were conducting experiments similarly to the DI? A lot of viewers believe that maybe Richard or the egyptians know what’s going on. They may have a greater understanding because they’ve been there longer but maybe they don’t have the authority that we are being led to believe they have on the island. Like they are just guests as well.

    Not knowing how nuclear mechanics work seems to suggest that they’ve missed out on the last few thousand years of learning, but have instead tried to figure out how to control the island entity. This would be why Benjamin Linus was so shocked when John Locke said he was going to kill Jacob, because he has no clue why or how he would know how to do it.

  3. Nikitis, I really like your theory!

    I think you make a very valid observation in that, it would appear that ‘the others’ technological expertise was indeed lacking.

    It took Faraday to tell ‘the others’ how to safely dispose of the threat ‘Jughead’ proposed.

    They may have invited Dharma to ‘the island’, to initially assist them with the advancement of technology, to use ‘the island’s’ special properties to their advantage, but got more than they bargained for with them.

  4. Also, you may remember the line that Ben Linux said to John Locke when he was first taking him to see Jacob.

    “Jacob doesn’t like Technology”.

    Maybe because it can be used to subdue. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but thats got to mean something in the grand scheme of things. Like maybe it will tell us something about who Jacob really is.

    Anyone have any ides on that?

  5. Nikitis, the only thing I can think of, and I’ve mentioned this before is, that many ancient societies considered the use of technology to be the downfall of their civilizations.

    Dependent upon who Jacob is, and where he originates from, this may be his belief. He may have been opposed to any advancement of technology on ‘the island’.

  6. …thus the idea of hin “not liking technology”, could spawn from the fact that he in some way caused the mechanism of whatever actually controls timetravel and possibly the ancient wheel…

  7. Maybe Jacob doesn’t like technology because he knows that technology (the bomb) can disrupt his greater plan for humanity and the island.

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