The bomb could go off…

So I’ve been convinced for a while that there’s no way the bomb is going to go off. But the more I’ve thought about the whatever happened theory, the more I think it could. Desmond kept saving Charlie over and over. But no matter what Charlie had to die. Fate didn’t care how it was just going to happen. Now apply this to “the purge”. Those people have to die. whether it’s gas or an explosion or.. whatever. Obviously an H-Bomb would be much more catastrophic. But then again, the plane therefore “has” to crash. So there’s no way of preventing that. so the bomb must be set off in the wrong location… I just need it to be one year from Thursday. I’ve never loved a show so much that I just want to be over.

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15 thoughts on “The bomb could go off…

  1. rlsundberg, to be specific, a nuclear explosion of ‘Jughead’, combined with the electromagnetism on ‘the island’, located in the Swan Station where the highest concentration is located, would be catastrophic enough to ‘punch’ a hole in the Universe.

    The bomb has components which can be removed to create a sizeable explosion that would suffice the purpose.

    It is definitely a risky proposal, never the less. So, anything could go wrong!

  2. Dabs.
    That is interesting. All along I had been thinking about an actual atomic explosion, not just the removal of the detonator from “the gadget” for its own use, divorced from the fissionable materials.

    I wonder how big a yield the detonation device would give in and of itself without the critical mass and domino effect of an atomic detonation.

  3. Andre7, I guess that is the part in all of this, that we don’t know!

    Divorcing the fissionable materials is enough to create an explosion, but where it gets really tricky, is when it’s combined with the electromagnetism.

    If Daniel was correct, as he tells Dr. Chang about how potentially dangerous the Swan station is, could still make for deadly effects.

    So many things could go wrong, and as you say, create a ‘domino effect’. In fact, this is part of what I see happening.

  4. There is no way they are detonating the whole bomb. I still don’t know if the go b is going to be the incident. It’s to strIght forward for lost. We know chang and others are around after the incident because they speak of it in the dharma movies. This suggests to me no big catastrophe.

  5. I thought that was what we were all saying GK21, in case that didn’t come across, somehow.

    We were discussing the effects of such, compared to components of the bomb being used as an alternative!

    The point is, Jack and Sayid are attempting to minimize what Daniel has predicted.

    I think this is where things may go haywire! Nobody has predicted a catastrophic nuclear explosion.

    Sorry to have confused you!

  6. You didnt confuse me I was agreeing with you : ) I simply wanted to say that everyone assumes the bomb is the incident and I think we are goin to get something rather different. In lost they always lead us up the garden path to change the parameters at the last minute. There is at least one game changer still be unleashed and I believe that is a future echo or person or something.

  7. an explosion from a WMD would create an electromagnetic pulse.

    even though these guys are there before the bomb has exploded, where their from it had now their there because of the ability to time travel, the pulse had already spread through time BEFORE and after the explosion.saying if the bomb has’nt exploded yet and so the energy could’nt have come from it is ignoring the fact that they are from the future and the energy has spread through time as far back as prehistoria. so even though it has not exploded from the point of veiw of these guys where they are now, evidence of electromagnet energy being present means that this bomb is a paradox.just because these guys went back in time doesnt mean at some point in the near future something will generate all this energy on the island,and it WILL spread back and forward through time ,other wise the statue would’nt exist or the temple.its quite likely all this stuff will dissappear if the bomb is totally dismantled.then again someone will come along with another one.its the bombs EMP which makes all this supernatural stuff occur before during and after it detonates.i think there was a tiny little bit of exotic matter on this island to begin with,TRACE i think youd call it.the bomb is directly over it and when it explodes it reacts with the exotic matter and it “BREADS” LIKE URANIUM WOULD IN A “BREADER REACTOR”.the dharma hippies fix the problem by harnessing the energy from the explosion by appearing out of nowhere on the spot when it detonates by connecting it to the swan.

  8. after i read this back i thought if all this is true they could just start removing the exotic matter and disposing of it.that would be a simpler solution.

  9. Huh? You’re assuming that the energy on the island is caused by a combination of the EMP from the hydrogen bomb and that the energy somehow spreads both forward and back along the timeline? There’s an awful lot of speculation there.

    Just so I’m clear on what you’re saying, the bomb (full yield) will be detonated at the Swan Construction Site and the EMP will interact with a trace amount of exotic matter (which is actually present at the Orchid Site, not the Swan) and cause the amount of exotic matter to increase. AND that somehow just as the bomb is detonated, scientists from the DHARMA Initiative will show up and somehow harness the energy of the bomb and seal it in at the Swan Station?

  10. Well, there’s no evidence for it. There’s no reason given (from the show or real life) to believe that an EMP would have that or any reaction with exotic matter. In order to have that happen in the show they would have to make at least some effort to explain the science behind that (since they’d just be making it up) and that would hardly make for good TV.

    There is also a time problem with this… a paradox. If the EMP causes an increase in the power of the exotic matter and that increase spreads both forwards and backwards along the timeline, there would be an infinite amount of exotic matter! Every time you got to the point in time where the bomb went off you would increase however much exotic matter there would be. So it would be constantly increasing on top of itself. So if you had one, for example, you’d have two because it would be increased. But if you had two then you’d have four for the same reason. But since you have four now you have sixteen… and on and on and on.

    Then how in the heck would the DI show up and contain the energy? They’d come in an set up the Swan Station in a matter of minutes and pour concrete over the source of the electromagnetism that quickly? I doubt that.

  11. well in my original idea the explosion somehow freezes because of its imediate reaction with the matter. your right no one arrives from nowhere to harness the energy to the swan.its just the swan let loose electro magnetism every 108 minutes and the only source i can see for that type of energy ,seeing what we saw when des turned the key(it was a pulse),i was assuming that this energy could only have come from the wmd.and it is true an electro magnetic pulse (in our real world)can only be generated during an explosion from a wmd.the energy had been vented for decades by the swan so any other breading of exotic matter could’nt take place after the initial explosion.i think des’s arrival was no accident and he was told he would turn the key by seems like a plan by ellie or widmore or both.

  12. After 3 years of pushing the button, plus all the other years of people pushing it, i assume 99% or more of the energy had been vented.I’m supposing the scientists would know when most of the energy was released,and when it would be safe for des to turn the key.

    I think that it would be a big mistake for any of our innocent characters to detonate the bomb.I really do hope locke blows it up.

    I have this crazy idea that when he does he gets vapourized and turns into the smoke monster.anyone thats been killed by it was’nt a friend of locke’s………. were they?

  13. Thats a posability, but the energy that was released when des turned the key was’nt consistant with a wmd explosion.Has’nt the energy been released slowly over a 30 or so year time period?

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